(Other than a cat, of course. And a skunk.)

The maned wolf looks more like a fox/dog hybrid than something you’d see CGI’d into Game of Thrones, but its urine scent has given it the nickname of yet another mammal that’s often used to describe the odor of a certain plant.

Also known as the “skunk wolf,” the maned wolf’s urine contains pyrazines, a combination of carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen that separates from its urine and brings a pungent, familiar smell to the air. Indeed, this lanky mammal’s pee stink bears an uncanny resemblance to the scent of cannabis, so much so that in 2006, police were called to the Rotterdam Zoo to investigate complaints of a patron who was smoking cannabis while checking out the animals on display. Instead, they realized that the offending odor was actually originating from a maned wolf’s bathroom break. Whoops.

What I want to know is how long will it take for a grower to come up with a potent batch of Maned Wolf? I could see it being a cross between Red Haze and Cat Piss, both of which are pungent, skunky sativa strains. Any takers?cat-pissred-hazeweekend weirdness.


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