Taking CBD as an everyday supplement is a common consideration for the canna-curious, but before you buy anything specific, first you should ask: “What kind of CBD user am I?”

Companies like Try The CBD create pure CBD oil products in a variety of formats so that those interested in CBD can match a product with what works best for their lifestyle.

Considering what kind of activities you naturally gravitate to will go far as you begin your CBD journey. Check out this list of everyday habits that we all share, along with the corresponding CBD products that would be a natural fit.

1 ) CBD capsules for daily vitamin takers

(Courtesy of Try The CBD)

If you maintain a pill or medication schedule, CBD capsules allow you to discover the way CBD makes you feel without straying from your usual habits. Whether you like to keep a bottle by your bed or to use a handy pill box, capsules are often considered the easiest and least messy way to consume CBD in a no-fuss format.

2) CBD isolate for clean eaters

(Courtesy of Try The CBD)

CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. Try The CBD isolate is over 97% pure hemp extract, making it a clean product that doesn’t require you to put any unnecessary ingredients into your body. If you love eating clean and paying attention to your body, isolate might be for you.

Since it’s made for infusion, Try The CBD isolate blends effortlessly into your favorite food and beverages so you can put it in your fresh-squeezed juice or homemade hummus. It doesn’t get tastier than that.

3) CBD vape pens for discreet professionals

(Courtesy of Try The CBD)

Are you busy working 9-5?

With a hemp CBD vape on hand, working professionals can take a moment to find balance in their hectic workday. The sleek, discreet shape and micro-USB charger make it perfect for your purse or work bag where it can blend in with your other chargers and supplies.

With no MCT oil to be found, Try The CBD vape pens fit right into the lifestyle of a working professional with a variety of strains to help keep stress at bay.

4) CBD topicals for athletes and gym buffs

(Courtesy of Try The CBD)

Whether you enjoy a good round of boxing, setting PRs in the weight room, or blissing out at yoga, CBD topicals will come in handy for all the hard work your body does. With options like CBD massage oil and CBD muscle gel, Try The CBD offers products that can help you recover from the strenuous activities that leave your body tight and sore.

5) Pet CBD oil for dedicated pet parents

Though you may be used to your cat’s aggressive behavior or the cute way your dog runs under the bed during thunderstorms, you may want to consider investing in pet CBD oil to ease their woes.

Their changed behavior could drastically improve your days and reduce the stress you feel as a dedicated pet parent. If you’re trying CBD for yourself and you have a pet that could use some extra TLC, why not discover how it makes both you and your furry friend feel? Then, you can be CBD and thunder buddies at the same time.


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