Fall is here, and along with the cool air, changing leaves, and promise of a turkey dinner, my most favorite and time-honored tradition is a weekly activity that I’ve dubbed the “Triple Bake.”

It’s the ultimate trinity of autumn indulgences for a stoner like me. Made possible on a weekly basis for a short window each year, the Triple Bake is the culmination of three specific seasonal events.

1. The fall cannabis harvest

Photo by Liora Ipsum

In my household, a surplus of homegrown typically inspires a lot of “baking” in every sense of the word. And, at the very least, I make a fresh stash of cannabutter to squirrel away for the coming winter.

2. Fall baked goods

Photo by Jesse Milns/Leafly

The second event serendipitously ties into that first one, and it’s a sudden (ravenous) appetite for comfort foods. The cravings are especially strong for seasonal baked goods loaded with warm spices, pies, and other fresh-from-the oven delights. 

3. A new season of ‘GBBO’

Courtesy BBC Channel 4

The final component of a Triple Bake is the return of “The Great British Bake-Off” which typically debuts a new season each September. For the uninitiated, this is wholesome television at its best featuring a cast of charming, thickly-accented amateur bakers who you genuinely wish would invite you over tea.

How to ‘Triple Bake’

Aside from queuing up the latest episode of “GBBO” (or binge-watching any of the past seasons, or spin-offs in two dozen countries where the show is airing or in production), the only thing you need to do is stock up on provisions, specifically weed and snacks.

Need some suggestions? Try these “Bake-Off”-inspired pairings:

Pastry Week

The Brits prefer their pies stuffed primarily with savory ingredients like curries, meats, and veg, which leaves room for sweet on-theme strains for dessert. Go “a la mode” by packing a bowl of vanilla-scented flower like Ice Cream Cake, or get pie-faced with a frosty favorite like Gelato.

Biscuit Week

Put the kettle on, get cozy, and purposefully promote those munchies with apropos selections like GSC (aka Girl Scout Cookies), Sugar Cookie, Fortune Cookies, or Cookies and Cream. This episode is further enhanced by popping some pre-made cookie dough in the oven so that your place smells like a night in with Snoop and Martha.

Bread Week

What goes better with bread than pungent, stinky Cheese? Better still, sandwich this episode with pre-rolls stuffed with Peanut Butter Breath and sweet Strawberry Cough for the ultimate PB&J.

Dessert Week

Chocolate Fondue, Chocolope, and other chocolatey cultivars are on-the-nose picks for this week’s episode spotlighting puddings, petit fours, and pastries.

Cake Week

Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Pound Cake…this is almost too easy—dare I say, a “cakewalk…”

Hey, if you don’t like bad baking puns, this isn’t the show for you.

The general idea is that you want to get baked, eat some baked goods, and watch some wholesome competitive baking. It’s a surefire three-ingredient recipe for an hour of cozy comfort, and no actual aptitude in the kitchen is necessary to excel. Just queue up an episode, stock up on some snacks, roll up the most flavourful weed you can find, and voila, you’re a “Star Baker!”


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