This article is brought to you by Social CBD, unveiling new, broad-spectrum CBD gummies made with real fruit juice.

Portland, Oregon-based Social CBD, founded in 2019, promises to provide high quality pure, powerful, and honest CBD products and has held off on gummies—until now.

Their new broad-spectrum CBD gummies, flavored with real fruit juice, meet the same safety standards as its capsules, drops, and vape pens, while providing an exciting new way for consumers to experience CBD.

broad spectrum cbd gummies, cbd edibles
(Courtesy of Social CBD)

“Consumers have been asking for Social Gummies, but we took our time,” says Kema Ferrall, director of product of Social CBD’s parent company, Sentia Wellness.

It’s not that CBD gummies weren’t a good fit before. It was just a matter of getting it right. Because gummies are one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle, they’re right in line with Social’s mission to make high-quality CBD as accessible as possible.

From using real customer feedback to instituting their own high safety standards, Social walks us through their development process step-by-step.

CBD gummies crafted from customer feedback

Creating quality gummies is one thing—but Social wanted to make gummies customers would genuinely enjoy. Instead of flavoring products at random, the product team turned to customer data to find the best possible options.

broad spectrum cbd gummies, cbd edibles
(Courtesy of Social CBD)

“We studied the marketplace and analyzed consumer insights to identify the most popular and best-selling flavors across gummy supplements,” says Ferrall.

Social’s research led to a well-rounded flavor assortment hitting on citrus, berry, and fruit notes: including raspberry, peach mango, and lemon. The flavors are all-natural and use real fruit juice in a broad-spectrum delivery format.

Once that was decided, Social turned its attention to which manufacturing methods it was going to employ to make the gummies a reality.

Creating a trustworthy CBD gummy

broad spectrum cbd gummies, cbd edibles
(Courtesy of Social CBD)

It was essential to make sure each gummy coming off the production line held up to the same tests as the rest of Social CBD’s product offerings. When they reviewed the techniques that were already out there, it turned out that not just any gummy manufacturing equipment was going to cut it.

“The machinery we’re using to produce our gummies is one of a handful of its kind in the US. It creates gummies without cross-contamination,” explains Ferrall.

While most gummy machines in the United States use cornstarch molds, it’s not the most diligent way to make gummies because the starch gets reused for multiple rounds of production. For example, if you are producing a gummy with melatonin on Monday, and a gummy with caffeine on Tuesday, there is a chance that the caffeine gummy becomes cross-contaminated with melatonin. Social’s automated production equipment completely eliminates the risk of cross-contamination for reliable flavor and ingredient delivery.

Last, but certainly not least, Social shored up their gummy safety protocols.

Raising the bar in a world of changing CBD standards

“Creating fully traceable, fully transparent products starts with vetting every single supplier—not just the CBD, but the oils, botanicals, and everything else that goes into the final product,” says Colin Gallison, senior vice president of operations at Sentia.

At Social, every ingredient, along with the final product, goes through third-party testing from an ISO-certified lab, which checks for micro toxins, microbials, solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides, in addition to cannabinoids.

broad spectrum cbd gummies, cbd edibles
(Courtesy of Social CBD)

After a final product comes back from the lab, it goes into quarantine until the compliance team can make sure it’s ready to hit the shelves. Each batch gets a unique QR code so every consumer can check their bottle’s specific stats. Because Social follows the lead of the most rigorous state-level testing standards, they always know their gummies are fit for public consumption no matter what state they are purchased in.

“From the hemp growing in the field to the final bottle of tincture or final gummy that the consumer’s going to see, it’s all been tested throughout the process,” says Gallison. “We feel that if we drive these standards, it will start to raise the bar for consumers and the industry.”

With all their best efforts put in place, Social CBD wanted to make one thing clear: they know what they’re doing, and they’re ready for a bright and fruity future.

Broad-spectrum gummies for a broad audience

broad spectrum cbd gummies, cbd edibles
(Courtesy of Social CBD)

In the end, it was consumers that pushed Social CBD over the edge into becoming full-fledged gummy producers.

“We developed CBD to offer consumers more choice,” says Ferrall. “Some of our consumers love the simplicity of our tinctures or the convenience of our gel caps, while others were just waiting for a gummy.”

With broad-spectrum gummies, consumers have yet another option for their daily CBD intake when seeking out the synergy of the entourage effect. Since each batch goes through rigorous testing with results consumers can check for themselves, they can feel less doubt and more confidence in the quality of the gummies they’re purchasing to enjoy day after day.


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