Purdue Pharma Negotiating $12B Settlement To OxyContin Lawsuits

The company’s owners are the Sacklers, the 19th-richest family in the U.S.

Chocolate Edibles Are Vexing Cannabis Labs. Here’s Why

Testing cannabis edibles for potency is hard enough as it is. Few standardized testing procedures exist in the...

Higher Education: The Top Universities Offering Cannabis Degrees

In the fall of 2018, University of Connecticut Professor Gerry Berkowitz taught a new, three-credit college course called...

Flashback Friday: Yagé, Psychic Vine of the Amazon

Dr. Andrew Weil’s 1979 account about taking yagé, aka ayahuasca.

Flashback Friday: Psychedelic Cacti

You can eat ’em, smoke ’em, drink ’em, but don’t sit on ’em.

Judge Rules Johnson & Johnson Must Pay $572 Million for Fueling Opioid Crisis

Judge Thad Balkman’s ruling against Johnson & Johnson is the first time a drug company has been ordered to pay for damages caused by the opioid crisis.

Pete Buttigieg’s Plan Would Decriminalize Possession of All Drugs

The plan is a way to address the ongoing opioid crisis.

California Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Medical Cannabis on School Campuses

Parents may soon be able to legally administer medical cannabis to K-12 students while they’re at school.

EU Inspectors Reportedly Approve Uganda’s Medical Marijuana for Export

The certificate of compliance is valid for one year.

Oregon Marijuana Smuggler Charged in Contract Murder Plot

The accused allegedly paid a contract killer $10,000 to kill a business associate who owed him money.