Celebrating Día De Muertos: A Day For The Dead

It seems like everyone has a day set aside especially for them. But what about the dead?

Missouri Medical Marijuana Trade Group Urges Officials To Regulate Vaping

The Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association is trying to get the state to do its part to cut down on unregulated vaping products.

Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board To Consider Adding More Qualifying Conditions

They are also considering changes to their THC policy.

Democrats Working To Decriminalize Weed Possession In Wisconsin

Republicans are not likely to support the decriminalization bill, which has been introduced by Wisconsin Democrats.

Michigan Lowers Cost Of Medical Marijuana Card Applications

New rules have reduced the application fees for medical marijuana cards in Michigan by 33%.

Quebec Raises Legal Cannabis Consumption Age, Outlaws Most Edibles

Quebec is also restricting the consumption of cannabis in public.

Rate Of Vapers In Utah Six Times Higher Than US Average

According to a federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention report based on Utah Health Department data, most vapers are men, and the median age is 26.

Parents Are Getting Their Annual Warning To Watch For Weed In Halloween Candy

Officials warn parents to watch out for candy-shaped edibles.

More Evidence Needed To Show That Cannabis Works For Mental Health Conditions

A new study suggests there is not enough evidence that cannabinoids improve mental health conditions.