Oldest Black-Owned Dispensary, Purple Heart Patient Center, Trying To Reopen Their Doors

Keith Stephenson, founder of Purple Heart Patient Center, discusses the long and arduous process of trying to reopen.

Malta Is on The Verge of Allowing Home Grown Cannabis

Malta Is on The Verge of Allowing Home Grown Cannabis

New Vaporizer Shipping Bans Impact Industry

New Vaporizer Shipping Bans Impact Industry

AG Nominee Merrick Garland Signals Hands-Off Policy For State-Legal Pot

President Biden’s pick for Attorney General is pushing for a focus on more serious crimes than cannabis offenses.

Vape Company Puffco Teams Up With The Comedy Store To Present Drive-In Stand-Up Shows

A COVID-safe comedy show is coming to Los Angeles!

Pennsylvania State Senators Introduce Bipartisan Cannabis Legalization Bill

A Pennsylvania Republican lawmaker is officially onboard with legalizing cannabis.

After Two Years, American Hemp Experts Applaud USDA Rules While Waiting On Further Clarity

One step forward does not equate to a completed process.

Pipe Dreamers Brings Legitimacy To The Glass Pipe World

The new series “Operation: Pipe Dreamers” showcases artists fighting against the social and political stigma of creating glass pipes.

U.K. Mom of Epileptic Child Gets Cannabis Reprieve In Light of Brexit

Because of changing import laws due to Brexit, cannabis patients in the United Kingdom will have a much harder time accessing their medication.

Bill To Decriminalize Possessing, ‘Casually’ Exchanging Small Doses Of Pot Introduced In Tennessee

For a casual transfer to comply with the proposed law, it must be a spontaneous transfer of marijuana without a transaction taking place.