Aplós Launches Non-Alcoholic Hemp-Infused Spirit

A vegan, hemp-infused spirit without alcohol? Sign us up!

Massachusetts Lawmakers Approve Adult-Use Cannabis Home Delivery

Recreational consumers of cannabis can soon get home delivery in Massachusetts.

Mexican Senate Votes To Legalize Cannabis…But Activists Criticize The Measure

Activists say that the cannabis legalization bill that is being advanced is deeply flawed.

HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ Explores Racial Injustice In The Time Of COVID-19

In the latest episode of “Real Sports”, Killer Mike, along with other activists, lays down some harsh truths about racism in America.

RVD, Matt Sydal, And Paul London Discuss WWE Drug Testing, Pot’s Impact on Pro...

The Pro wrestlers talk about cannabis and their careers.

‘Ballot Box’ Packages Voter Registration Info With Pre-Rolls

Are you registered to vote? Time to double check!

NORML 2020 Conference Honors The Late Dr. Lester Grinspoon

Dr. Lester Grinspoon posthumously received the Michael J. Kennedy Social Justice Award this month.

The Importance of Supporting Veterans With Access To Medical Cannabis

In this age of legalization, various organizations are supporting our nation’s veterans by providing medical cannabis.

Michigan Man, Michael Thompson, Seeks Parole After Decades In Prison For Nonviolent Pot Offense

Michael Thompson, 87, has been in prison since 1994 for a cannabis offense—even though cannabis is now legal in his state.

Medical Cannabis Advocate And Innovator Rick Simpson Opens Up About Stroke Recovery

Lauded cannabis innovator Rick Simpson and his family are asking for assistance as he recovers from a stroke.