When it comes to choosing the right nectar collector set for dabbing, you’ll notice that there are mainly 3 types of tips that’ll come with your purchase: Quartz, titanium or glass.

The 10mm mini nectar collector set comes listed on Puffing Bird includes a quartz tip and a titanium tip, some of our customers had written us emails asking about which tip is better for dabbing.

There is no simple answer to that question, just like any other dab rig that comes with a titanium dab nail or quartz banger, all tips have their own upsides and downsides, in today’s Puffing Bird Wiki, we’ll list all the pros and cons of using different types of tips to help you make your decision.

Titanium Tips

Titanium tip for nectar collectors

Just like any titanium dab nail, titanium, for its unique ability to heat up really fast and it’s durability, the earlier designed nectar collectors used a titanium tip


  • Heats Up Relatively Faster Than Quartz Tips.
  • Excellent in corrosion resistance.
  • Lightweight
  • Great for high-temperature dabs.


  • Could potentially get overheated for first time users.
  • Overheated titanium tip could affect the taste of your concentrates.
  • Overheated titanium nail will burn your cannabis concentrates.

Tips For Using A Titanium Tip On Nectar Collectors:

Don’t overheat! The tip of a home use butane torch flame could reach temperatures as high as 1500°F, some new dabbers could easily overheat the titanium nail making it red hot, bury in mind that almost 99 percent of the cannabis concentrates on the market right now will vaporize at around 300°F. 

Season your titanium tip before use. The manufacturing process could potentially leave some titanium residues on the tip, so it’s for the best to season the titanium tip before use

The process for seasoning is quite simple, use a plier to hold the titanium tip and then use your butane torch to heat the tip red hot, put it into a bowl of water to chill it, repeat the process for a few times, all the titanium residues should be gone.

During the seasoning process, you can also observe if the color of the titanium had turned colorful if the color of your tip doesn’t change(or turned charred black), you’ve probably purchased a fake titanium tip, don’t use any metallic tip that isn’t made from GR2 titanium.

Quartz Tips

Quartz tip for nectar collectors

Comparing to a glass tip, a quartz tip can withstand so much more heat. A glass tip will melt and deform when applying 500°C of heat to it in under 60 seconds, however, you can burn a quartz tip with a butane torch flame for 3 minutes with 800°C of heat and it’ll still be fine(not that we recommend heating your quartz tip at that high of a temperature when dabbing of course.)


  • No need for seasoning.
  • Can withstand a massive amount of heat without melting nor deforming.
  • “Purer” taste for your concentrates comparing to a titanium dab nail.
  • Cheap to buy and replace.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for high-temperature dabs.


  • Easier to break compared to a titanium tip.

Glass Tip

Long before titanium and quartz, the glass had been the sole material to make dab nails, so in 2019, is it still worthy for comparisons between the quartz tips and the titanium tips? The answer is positive. Although we had already mentioned that a glass tip cannot withstand too much heat when comparing to a quartz tip, but don’t forget glass is a cheaper and easier material to come by than titanium and quartz, so the price of a glass tip is usually only half even 1/3 the price of a quartz tip. If you like low-temperature dabs other than high-temperature dabs, the performance of a glass tip is no different to a quartz tip.


  • The cheapest one to buy.
  • Great for low-temperature dabs.
  • Easy to replace(you can find a replacement in any headshop)
  • Easy to clean(like the quartz tip)
  • Pure taste.


  • Easier to break compared to a quartz tip.
  • Cannot withstand high-temperature flame from a butane torch.

In Conclusion

Best Online Headshop - Puffing Bird

There really isn’t any standard when it comes to choosing a tip for your nectar collector kit, just like any consumer goods, the products in the dabbing related market is diversed, more and more new designs are coming into the market daily, there is always something for someone, for now, the price tag doesn’t necessarily represent the built quality, find the right one for yourself and start building your own glass collection like all of us here at Puffing Bird! 

Source: Puffing Bird Wiki


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