Kansas City resident and miniature artist, Megh McCalla, loves to make tiny stashes that fit into the palm of her hand. Little dab rigs with little dabs, bags of tiny flower with all the accessories sitting on a petite remedy tray.

And although McCalla is not a cannabis patient, she would partake if she could, if only to inspire her art. But her home state of Missouri’s qualifying conditions won’t allow it. She can’t medicate or feed the muse unless the state votes to make cannabis legal for recreation.

What’s in your Stash? Megh McCalla, Miniature Artist
Courtesy of Megh McCalla

The politically conservative state voted in favor of allowing the use of medical cannabis in the summer of 2019, but patients wishing to medicate with the herb will have to be at death’s door or suffer from a chronic condition to access it.

State’s qualifying conditions have long since been a bone of contention for serious cannabis patients and recreational users alike. While chilling at the end of the day might require a Valium, a glass of wine, or a sleeping pill, those Missourians wishing to use the alternative method of cannabis to replace pharmaceuticals – or even alcohol for recreation— are out of luck.

What’s in your Stash? Megh McCalla, Miniature Artist
Courtesy of Megh McCalla

Stash as Advocacy

Even though she can’t partake of the plant legally, Megh McCalla feels her work can open barriers and start conversations about medicating and recreating with cannabis.

“The idea of having access to medical cannabis in my state is a wonderful thing,” she shared. “I didn’t intend my work to be educational, but they are definitely a step in that direction. I feel that it’s extremely important for people who don’t use cannabis to understand, not only the physical healing aspect of the plant, but also the emotional healing it can give. If I could use the plant legally as a muse to inspire my art work, I would.”

Without touching the plant, McCalla said she is a small part of the cannabis industry. Her miniatures can be found on Etsy, as well as to private buyers for custom stashes and accessories via Instagram, where she also shares her work and process.

“I’m just one small example of how this plant can help a little known artist put food in her belly, while bringing a community of people together,” she explained. “I can purchase CBD flower at local head shops now, which is a huge step in the right direction.”

What’s in your Stash? Megh McCalla, Miniature Artist
Courtesy of Megh McCalla

Teeny-Tiny Stash

Megh McCalla began her career in miniatures by making jewelry out of resin and floating charms for resin shakers, but growing up with artisan parents didn’t hurt.

“I became obsessed with the details, and what started out as craft, became art,” she shared. “Soon, I was inspired to make cannabis accessories. I get my inspiration from my craftsmen parents, and making remnant art toys. I’m also inspired by Japanese epoxy resin techniques, but I use all types of mediums in my work, including epoxy resin casting and 3D building, wood carving, origami, polymer clay sculpting and painting.”

Within the stashes pictured in the palm of her hand sits an entire world of medicating and recreating, complete with brand name products miniaturized to perfection.

The dab tray is comprised of a mini Raw tray, with a full dab rig and butane torch, testing meter, a tiny dab in wax paper, and silicone dab case with logo from This Thing Rips.

 The smoking stash is also on a tiny Raw tray, and has flower in a classic Zip-Lock baggie, a full glass pipe, Raw cones, Bakewoods pre-roll papers, a tiny Bic lighter, two seemingly hand-rolled fatties, and a pre-roll in a Raw box.

“I love creating these miniatures depicting the tools of medicating,” she surmised. “I believe representation yields normalization – which is why I create them. I’d like my followers to start talking about the positive benefits from this plant. I think my art can start the conversation, as well as strengthen their relationship to art.”


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