Cannabis dispensary titan MedMen has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the infamous Woodstock brand, as well as Woodstock Cannabis Company. MedMen will be able to use the famed ‘Woodstock’ name on a new line of cannabis products set to be made and sold in California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Florida.

“The Woodstock festival marked the height of the 1960s counter-culture movement,” said MedMen co-founder and CEO Adam Bierman. “As a brand, MedMen is all about pushing the boundaries and bringing about progressive change to make marijuana-use part of the mainstream, so this partnership between MedMen and Woodstock makes perfect sense. It will help us reach a broad audience of consumers who are familiar with marijuana use, and ready to discover new products and ways to incorporate cannabis into their lives.”

The agreement—which grants MedMen the ability to have “premium” cannabis placement at Woodstock festivals, events, and promotions—is only active in the aforementioned states, but anticipates more states will come on board, should Woodstock allow them to.

MedMen has often been favorably compared to the Apple Store, with famously helpful, lanyard-adorned employees guiding customers throughout their large, open storefronts. MedMen continues to be one of the largest operating marijuana brands, as well as one of the largest financial supporters of progressive marijuana laws. Though currently headquartered in Los Angeles, MedMen has since expanded its licensed facilities to Nevada and New York.

“We’ve been looking for the right partner—one with our values and our quality standards. When we were introduced to MedMen, we knew that our search was over,” said Michael Lang and Joel Rosenman, co-producers of the 1969 Woodstock Festival and all Woodstock reunion festivals. “They are tireless innovators of new products who never lose sight of the number one focus for both of our companies – quality.”


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