Welcome back stoners and witches, to the latest installment of the High Priestess. We are officially in Cancer season, the watery and sensitive nurturer of the zodiac who welcomes us into summer. The world at large is intense right now; we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter what the federal government wants us to believe, and the protests and movement for the wellbeing of Black people and racial justice is still in swing. 2020 is a year of great change; it’s written in the stars and it’s reflected in the physical realm. Because of this we know that this place is also taking place in the energetic realm; as above, so below. Everything is everything, and while I am mourning the fact that I won’t be able to sit at the cemetery and have a picnic and smoke a joint with my friends, or dress up, hit the bong and take photos with my friend Ivory for this column, I also recognize that this portal is one that’s necessary. 

And since this is a cannabis column, I especially recognize how important this reckoning is since Black people and POC are those who have been disproportionately affected and incarcerated for marijuana charges. In honor of summer, and all the magick the Black community has to offer, I decided to dedicate this column to my favorite Black owned botanicas, weed witches, cannabis brands and more. So grab your wallet, bookmark this article, and share with your friends. If there’s anything that Cancer season reminds us of, it’s the importance of feeling comfortable, loved, and nurtured, and let’s face it; cannabis is an especially wonderful tool for doing just that. 

The High Priestess: Magical AF Black-Owned Businesses To Support
Ivory Woods

The Tarot Readers

I have already written columns exploring the ways in which cannabis can help heighten our experience and receptivity to the tarot, so I couldn’t help throwing a couple of tarot readers into this mix. Tarot, or the 78-deck of cards used for divination and self-exploration, is a powerful tool for any mystic or witch, and while I personally love giving myself readings, sometimes you just need some outside perspective. That’s where these readers come in. So go ahead, treat yourself and schedule a reading. Make some tea, grab a joint or an edible and then strap in for the wisdom of the cards. 

Kirsten Renee of Magick Gal

Kirsten is an Atlanta based tarot reader who recently did an Instagram takeover with Dope Girls, whose work brings the wisdom of tarot and the esoteric down to earth, and grounded through the heart. Kirsten’s spirit and love shine through everything she does and I love Kirsten’s commitment to honoring the darkness and depth of what it means to be a human in this lifetime. If you want a tarot reader to tell it like it is, with plenty of compassion and sass sprinkled in, make sure to book this magickal gal. Bring your favorite joint or tincture for some extra vibes. 

Aurora Luna of Baby Reckless

I originally connected with Aurora after they drew a picture of me, and I’m so glad our paths crossed. Aurora is a dark God/dess in their own right, sharing wisdom and tarot through a lens of radical honesty, vulnerability and dedication to the dark and divine feminine.  They have a YouTube channel, sells art, offers tarot readings and their Patreon is filled with content like month ahead readings and blog posts that explore sex magick, the goddess and tarot.

The High Priestess: Magical AF Black-Owned Businesses To Support
Ivory Woods

The Botanica

Whether you’re smoking your cannabis, eating it, or using it as a topical, the energy we invest in this process returns to us. Having supplies is never necessary to be a witch, but tools that are beautiful to look at and help us connect to whatever it is we believe in can be helpful in creating a sacred environment for us to invite the energy and spirit of cannabis into. And this is why I am including a botanica, possibly my favorite botanica, in this list; because inviting the spirit of beauty into your plant medicine session is always a divine choice. 

The Flowerchild Bruja

We all know the power of keeping your energy on lock, your aura and energetic body intact, and your vibe high. Sometimes, however, we just need a little help in making sure we have the tools and knowledge to do just that. This is where Taylor Cordova, also known as the Flowerchild Bruja comes in. Taylor’s botanica is filled with mystical goodies that feel as good as they look. She has smoke sticks that feature dragon’s blood, lavender, rose, and palo santo so you can get your space cleared, cleansed and centered. She has flower crowns, rose hair pins, copal, and incense galore, all the tools you need to take your weed witchiness to the next level. I am such a fan of everything Taylor does (in fact, I even wrote about her for Vogue International) and I can attest to the quality of her products and heart. Go ahead, treat yourself to some new altar tools, create a sacred space and burn some sacred herbs before your next smoke sesh, set an intention and enjoy the ritual. You deserve it. 

The High Priestess: Magical AF Black-Owned Businesses To Support
Ivory Woods

The Bodycare

One of my favorite rituals during quarantine is taking half a 10mg edible at the end of a long day and then taking a bath. Physically feeling my shoulders relax, and my body release tension is only made better when I slip into a hot bath full of Epsom salt with a book. Self-care means different things to different people, but reconnecting with our bodies through touch, through water, through movement and self-love is vital, especially when we’re on emotional overdrive during Cancer season. If you want to be extra nurturing to your body during right now—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t- then look no further than these two shops to help you treat your body and soul.

Asia El Artisan Body care

I first discovered Asia El Artisan Body Care after meeting Asia El at Melrose Trading Post, where she was booth neighbors with Ivory, the photographer of this column’s photos whose day job is slinging vintage. I immediately bought some soap, and let me tell you—I still dream about it. Asia El’s coconut milk soaps literally look good enough to eat, and smells even better. This shop is filled with delectable items you will absolutely want to incorporate into your next spa day like a pink amber coconut milk soap or a creamy avocado buttered body wash. Next time you take a stoned bath or shower, you will absolutely love yourself for indulging in these small luxuries, I promise. 

Blissful Stoner Body Essentials 

Honestly, what more could you want than what the name of this shop, “Blissful Stoner Body Essentials”, promises? If you want your bath or  self-love ritual to be the medium for your cannabis, then this is your one stop shop to taking the CBD train all the way to relaxed city. This shop has products like lavender and rose bath tea, pomegranate, citrus and brown sugar body oil and a Moroccan red CBD facial mask, all which feature CBD, so you can find some zen even amidst the reckoning, lockdown and shitshow that is 2020. Knowing you are supporting a Black women owned business is the cherry on top of all this delectable, stoner approved goodness. 

The High Priestess: Magical AF Black-Owned Businesses To Support
Ivory Woods

The Cannabis Vibe Creators

Beloved cannabis babes and weed witches, you know the power of a proper vibe, the power of plant medicine and the power of magick. You probably know how weed can make virtually any experience better, and how it can act as a conduit for deep, heart felt connection and vulnerability. As cannabis becomes legal in more and more states, we are seeing this even more, with cannabis parties, sex clubs and cafes opening up throughout the country. But there are some people who are just ahead of the game, including these two vibe creators who are ushering in a new area of cannabis. 

Lizzy Jeff of Zen & Kush

A true High Priestess in her own rite, Lizzy Jeff is a medicine woman, a rap priestess, a living Goddess and the founder of Zen & Kush, a curated series of events that put cannabis and sensuality front and center. Lizzie’s music channels and invokes the divine feminine, sacred plant medicine and cosmic wisdom, with beats that will make you dance. The presence this woman holds is POWERFUL and her offerings even more so. She just released a book called “Principles & Potions for Peace, Purpose and Prosperous Living” that is filled with magick for activating “personal liberation, sensual alchemy and spiritual ascension.” If you want to embody the vibrancy, power and mysticism that cannabis has to offer, then let Lizzy be your guide.  


Besides being a model and dancer that has appeared on the likes of Travis Scott albums and in Black Panther, Tiara is also a cannabis connoisseur who makes ASMR videos that include teaching you how to roll a blunt and getting stoned and reading tarot. Tiara’s power and presence is stunning, and honestly I don’t know who wouldn’t want to get stoned with them and talk about life. Tiara’s an icon who will make you remember the power of smoking weed and moving your body, hire them for your zoom party, watch their YouTube videos and make sure to follow them on Instagram for inspiration.

The High Priestess: Magical AF Black-Owned Businesses To Support
Ivory Woods

Dispensaries And Delivery Services

And of course, what would cannabis be if we couldn’t actually buy our products or flowers? Thankfully, there are way too many Black owned dispensaries and delivery services to name, and what you choose is also totally dependent on where you live, and if cannabis is legal. But now there is a database to help you find a Black owned dispensary, cannabis catering company, CBD line, or whatever else you need no matter where you live, thanks to Cannaclussive and ALMOSTCONSULTING’s InclusiveBase. This project aims to amplify minority owned cannabis businesses and is a great resource for anyone looking for a more conscious way to shop; it includes more than 400+ different companies, and is constantly being expanded. You can also check out Instagram roundups for even more Black owned cannabis brands and companies to give your money to.

I hope this post helps you support even more Black owned tarot readers, botanicas, cannabis businesses, or artisans! If you have a favorite you think I should check out, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram at @gabyherstik. Here’s to continuing to make the cannabis space even more inclusive, conscious and ethical for minorities, for the highest good of all. And so it is!


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