In the last couple weeks, concerns over coronavirus have meant social distancing and increasing isolation for more and more individuals around the world. For individuals who can manage it, staying home is the best tool we currently have against the spread of COVID-19.

While cannabis delivery services and tools like Leafly Pickup can help keep consumers stocked up, it can still be tough to keep from going stir-crazy while you’re cooped up and waiting for the spread of coronavirus to pass. (We’re based in Seattle, so trust us—we get it.)

But there are silver linings to social distancing, too. For home cooks and aspiring bakers alike, a week or two stuck inside presents a perfect opportunity to try your hand at cooking with cannabis. We’ve gathered some of our favorite recipes in one place so you can practice your cannabis cooking techniques.

Not only is cooking with cannabis a great way to kill some time while you’re practicing social distancing, it will give you a go-to skill for the rest of your life.

Luckily, Leafly’s got everything you need to turn your self-isolation quarantine into a master class in cannabis baking. Check out some of our favorite pot-infused cookies, brownies, cakes, and more below, and try your hand at your new favorite recipe.

And feel free to share your cannabis baking triumphs—and trials—with us on Twitter or Instagram!

Cannabis baking essentials

Basic weed butter

Butter makes everything better, even life during a global pandemic. Cannabis butter is also an essential ingredient in many of the recipes you’ll find below, and makes a great starting point for lots of marijuana-infused baking and cooking projects.

Basic marijuana-infused cooking oil

Like the cannabutter recipe above, cannabis-infused cooking oil is a necessary first step for lots of recipes. Mastering these two techniques will have you well-placed to up your cooking-with-weed game in short order.

Cannabis-infused baked goods and sweets

Our favorite pot brownies

When people think about baking with cannabis, their first thought is often of pot brownies.

Weed brownies are a classic whose rich, chocolatey taste can hide the earthy flavor that comes from some cannabis-infused ingredients. While brownies typically operate by the pizza principle—even when they’re not that good, they’re pretty good—this recipe is a Leafly favorite.

Weed-infused chocolate chip cookies

Look, we get it—chocolate chip cookies are a classic, and there’s a little hubris in suggesting we can make them better. But infusing this all-time top ten baked good with your our cannabis butter recipe really does level it up. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and see!

Canna banana bread

Banana bread is already a recipe that calls for loads of butter, which gives weed-infused banana bread the potential to be particularly potent. If you’ve got some bananas that are past their prime taking up space in the kitchen, this is a great way to reduce food waste while also creating a fantastic treat that will keep you and your friends nicely baked.

Weed-infused peanut butter cookies

Another classic baked treat, peanut butter cookies are one of those snacks that are beautiful in their simplicity. Butter. Sugar. Peanut butter. Eggs. Flour. No frills, no foofaraw, not a thing you don’t need. The good news is, that leaves you with plenty of space to add a secret ingredient without the end result feeling busy.

Pot-infused Nanaimo bars

For non-Canadians, Nanaimo bars are not necessarily a familiar treat. But what good is baking during self-isolation if you’re not going to challenge yourself to make something new.

Featuring brownie-like layers and custard—or sometimes peanut butter—Nanaimo bars are a challenging delicacy. But with a little practice, you’ll find yourself cooking cannabis-infused treats you once thought impossible.

Marijuana pancakes

OK, so pancakes aren’t technically a baked good—they’re griddle-cooked. But here’s a fact—there’s no better butter delivery device in the culinary universe than a pancake, which means you can not only make a batter using your favorite cannabis tincture, but you can top it with your own cannabutter.

This breakfast of champions is only for cannabis veterans, and even they should make sure their schedules are clear of anything that’s not “Eat breakfast” or “Take nap” for the rest of the day.


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