The Hemper Box


Brought to you by Hemper

The Hemper Box is chock full of goodies that you can send directly to the door of someone special. December’s box features a candy cane and cocoa themed rig, a silicone ashtray, Hemper Tech fresh wipes, pre-rolled cones, king-sized rolling papers, and the brand new dab accessory The Banger Cap, keeping your banger covered for travel and storage. Anyone who gets this bomb box can use additional accessories like a quick heat banger, bubble carb cap, and flower bowl to tailor their use.

Miwak Junior terpene wash


Beautiful glass and ceramic gear are no good if they are always dirty or covered in build-up. Miwak Junior’s terpene wash is a plant-based antimicrobial bursting with the scent of active ingredient limonene that will help any cannabis lover keep their things so fresh and so clean. Just one teaspoon of this super-concentrated cleaner is a safe and effective way to get your favorite pipes and rigs back in sparkling condition.

BRNT Ascend rolling tray


BRNT’s stylish aesthetic is on full display with its Ascend concrete rolling tray. This sturdy tray was built to help you (and your rolling supplies) stay grounded during every session. A convenient channel surrounds the raised middle of the tray, so you can focus on the task at hand – sparking up.

(Alex Manning/Leafly)

Session Goods pipe


If you’re like us, you know someone who prefers flower over all other formats of cannabis. If you don’t know what to get them this year, consider the Session Goods pipe. Along with an intelligent design that keeps it in place upright or on its side, the pipe comes with its own silicone case and carabiner, making outdoor sessions a new (or at least more practical) reality.

Kannastor GR8TR V2 complete grinder system


Like all good things in life, there are levels to this grinder. The GR8TR V2 grinder is made with food-grade aluminum, anti-friction rings, and a design that gives any user a crazy amount of versatility. Layers of the grinder can be added in and removed to provide a fine grind, capture kief, or be used as a handy travel container.

(Alex Manning/Leafly)

Stash Logix – Durango


Stash Logix’s Durango bag is an adventurer’s dream. The scent-proof construction complete with locking compartment helps the wearer feel good about keeping other people out of their business, while the colorful strap rests on their hips or shoulder as they climb to new heights. Give it to a fisherman, kayaker, or hiker looking for a water-resistant way to bring their cannabis into the great outdoors.

Happy Kit – Very Happy Kit


Though cannabis consumers do tend to be some of the most inventive people out there, it’s always nice to help them feel more prepared. Enter, the Very Happy Kit, an all-in-one kit that has everything a stoner would need to smoke just about anywhere. The waterproof, smell-proof, shockproof case comes with an aluminum grinder, glass pipe, two sizes of rolling papers, doob tubes, a wax container, one-hitter, and metal poker provide all the necessary accouterment to get a good session going no matter the obstacles life throws up. It’ll be a real saving grace for any smoker that receives it.


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