Did you just pick up a great-looking product from your favorite dispensary? Upload photos of the strains onto Leafly! We want nice, high-quality photos to display on our site so Leafly visitors can get an idea of what each strain looks like. The more you know about different strains, including their appearance, the better!

Keep in mind that we don’t approve every single image that gets submitted. We have to make sure each photo adheres to a basic set of standards so that visitors have access to quality images that cleanly and accurately depict each strain. Of course, not everyone is a professional photographer, so your images don’t have to be perfect in order for them to get approved. Nonetheless, here are some guidelines to ensure your photos make the cut.

Leafly Strain Photo Submission Do’s

Make sure the image is of cannabis only.
It’s a no-brainer, but keep in mind that Leafly visitors are most interested in the cannabis plant or bud, so try to only upload images that are relevant.

The image is clear, not blurry or fuzzy.
We don’t want someone wondering if he’s looking at a photo of Blue Dream or an out-of-focus Bigfoot sighting.

The image does not have any flash reflections.
Keep the focal point on the plant, not bright spots or blurs in the corners.

The cannabis is front and center and on a clean surface.
Make the cannabis the star of the image, not the dirty dishes piled up in your kitchen sink that’s visible in the background.

Unfortunately, we do reject some submitted photos from time to time. Below is a list of the types of images that do not get approved.

Leafly Strain Photo Submission Don’ts

No fingers, hands, palms, or any other body parts should be visible.
You don’t want the focus to be your dirty fingernails or hairy belly, and believe us, we don’t, either. Try not to pose the bud on your palm or outstretched hand. Instead, find a flat, clean surface to display your medicine before you snap a photo.

No crotch shots.
We’re flattered, but we’re not interested.

No messy backgrounds.
You really don’t want people wondering when your episode of Hoarders airs.

No money or photos of medication sitting on top of money.
Money is dirty, which means your cannabis is now dirty, too.

Don’t submit photos of the product if it’s still packaged.
Take it out of its packaging or bag before you highlight it.

No name brands.
Try not to feature your medication on your Apple MacBook or next to your shiny Air Jordans.

If you adhere to the above guidelines, you’ll have no problem uploading your strain photos to our website. Once they’re approved, they’ll be posted anonymously to that strain’s detail page for other Leafly visitors to see. Thanks for sharing!


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