We’re back, witches! Coming at you live from the season of the witch—aka Scorpio season—the High Priestess is here to share some love, some vulnerability and some advice around cannabis as we navigate a Covid-19 world. Shit is hard right now and the last thing we want to do is make it difficult for our body to keep itself healthy while navigating all the obstacles that Covid puts in our way. Am I telling you to quit using cannabis? Absolutely not! Am I suggesting that perhaps you find alternatives to smoking cannabis since Covid is a lung disease? I am, which is literally what this article is about. So let’s get to it.

Before I share some tips and tricks for working with cannabis outside of the context of joints, bowls, bongs and vapes, I want to share a bit about my own story. At this time last year, and for a couple years before that, I was an avid weed smoker. I would smoke nearly all day, every day. Around 2-3 joints per day, and many bong hits every day. Eventually, this caught up with me. Around November of last year, I realized it was difficult for me to take a deep breath, so much so that it felt like I was swallowing air because of this. It was incredibly scary; you don’t realize how precious your breath is until you don’t have it anymore. I had known for a while that I needed to quit smoking so much but I kept putting it off because I decided it couldn’t be that bad. I had decided that until a doctor told me to quit smoking weed, I wouldn’t. But once November hit and I scared myself, I made a doctor’s appointment and eventually saw a pulmonologist (hi Dr. Cohen!) who, you guessed it, told me to stop smoking weed!

I had unintentionally given myself chronic bronchitis (which is defined as swelling of the bronchial tubes for a period of three months or longer) and was put on an inhaler and supplements to help and I was obviously told to quit smoking. And when I say I quit smoking, I mean it. I pretty much quit cold turkey, and started using edibles and now I only hit the (vape) bong very rarely, to celebrate something—like a book release, signing a book contract, or celebrating a birthday—and even when I do this, I hit the bong 1-3 times max. Does it suck that I can’t enjoy a morning joint or bong hit? Absolutely! Is it totally worth it? Absolutely!

What I hadn’t realized when I quit smoking at the end of 2019 was how good of a decision this was. Because of Covid, I am taking extra precautions to not get sick, since my lungs still aren’t in perfect health, but I feel so confident in the decision I made to take care of myself especially because the stakes are so much higher because of this pandemic. 

So why am I writing this? One because I want to be honest with my experience. While cannabis is something I was using intentionally for ritual, to help quell my anxiety and to relax and slow down, it was also something that I was abusing. It wasn’t always mindful. And since quitting smoking and taking edibles this has changed a LOT, and my relationship with this plant medicine is not only different, but it’s also deeper because of the mindfulness edibles require. I also wanted to share this to express the fact that we are all being asked to take care of our bodies and lungs in new ways. A year ago the world was a very different place. As witches and mystics, we have the responsibility of adapting, of working towards our highest good. One way we can do this is by using cannabis responsibly and intentionally, and I’ve curated a few tips and tricks below to help with exactly that.

The High Priestess: How To Enjoy Cannabis In The Era of Covid
Photo Credit: Ivory Woods

Find An Alternative

The first step in quitting smoking or deciding to smoke less is the hardest. This step, besides making the decision (which is actually the hardest step), is finding an alternative to flower. Thankfully, we are living in a cannabis renaissance and the many ways to work with this medicine is plentiful. What was game changing for me was finding a brand of edible I loved. Though I had tried many to no avail, finding Wyld gummies was a Goddess send. A game changer, a HIGHlight of my no-smoking experience, if you will. While I appreciate a good tincture, and can fuck with a cannabis drink, as a stoner I need something potent, and let me tell you, Wyld gummies are it. If you’re looking for an edible that will help you relax and unwind, I highly recommend their Pomegranate gummies with 10mg THC and 10mg CBD per piece, with ten pieces sold in each container. Because edibles take so long to work- around an hour on average- this forces you to be more intentional about the way you consume your weed. In my own life, this means that I wait until after I’m done working to take an edible, and that I have to wait until I’m home, or somewhere safe, so I don’t drive under the influence. Also, as someone who detests gummies, I can fully say that these gummies are it. They are delicious, truly the tastiest gummies I have ever had and you can’t even taste the weed. Oh yeah, and they will get you stoned. Super stoned! The first time I bought these bad boys I ate 2 of the huckleberry hybrid gummies, a total of 20mg, and went to meet a friend for the first time for coffee and I was high as hell. Don’t be me. Don’t make a mistake. Start small (half a gummy or less) and work your way up.

Even if you’re not into edibles, you should still figure out what you’re into! Maybe you want a cannabis infused soda, or a tincture you can take mixed into a smoothie. Even if you decide to continue smoking, maybe you do it more intentionally, like before a ritual or meditation, or when you’re super anxious after a few deep breaths.

Witch tip: If you want to level up your weed game, think about charging your cannabis of choice on your altar. You can add some crystals around it (like amethyst for healing, clear quartz to amplify whatever intention you set, or blue lace agate to help protect your throat and throat chakra), or write an intention for your weed on a piece of paper you place under it. If you’re choosing to eat edibles, you can charge this with the intention of a high that helps you feel empowered and safe. You can also charge this through meditating and sending energy through your palms to whatever it is you’re consuming, or you can consecrate it with sacred smoke, like from lavender (for healing and relaxation) or mugwort (to help you connect to your psychic senses) and cleanse your cannabis by anointing it with some holy water, rose water, or even tap water. Simply charge the water the same way you charged your cannabis, dip a couple of fingers into it and then touch your weed. You can declare that it has been cleansed (using water) and consecrated (with sacred smoke) for the highest vibes possible.

The High Priestess: How To Enjoy Cannabis In The Era of Covid
Photo Credit: Ivory Woods

Create A Cannabis Ritual

No matter what your chosen vice is, or rather no matter how you choose to consume your weed, you may want to create a ritual around this to make the act, and the resulting high (if you’re using THC) stronger. Having a ritual can make the experience a spiritual one, and can also help us be intentional about how much we use cannabis. Maybe you want to repeat a mantra to yourself or have a certain artist you listen to as you drink your cannabis infused drink or eat your edible. The most important question is to ask yourself what can make the moment more pleasurable and meaningful to you? Do that! And then return to this every time you work with weed to really charge the ritual. 

Allow Yourself To Enjoy The Experience

After you’ve ritualized your cannabis usage and have taken the time to enjoy it, it’s important that you allow yourself the chance to melt into the experience. While cannabis can be a wonderful tool in zoning out, it can also help us lean back into the present moment. Some ways you may wish to indulge in your sensory experience include: stretching or practicing yoga, dancing, spending time outside under the sun, playing with a pet, making art, journaling, taking a bath, pulling some tarot cards, doing a craft, meditating, taking a walk, masturbating or having sex, or whatever else it is you do to unwind. 

The High Priestess: How To Enjoy Cannabis In The Era of Covid
Photo Credit: Ivory Woods

Work With Your Senses

You may also wish to lean into your senses by creating an environment that is conducive to the altered state of mind you’re experiencing.  Since we are spending so much time at home, why not turn your home into a psychedelic retreat where you can relax, release and transcend? Some ways you may wish to do this are through:

  • Lights: You can buy light projectors for under $50 on the internet that include many different colors and lasers. Pick a color that correlates to your intention (blue for relaxation, red for passion, green for love and to activate the heart chakra) and use it to create a powerful sacred space to ride out your high or CBD-enhanced relaxation.
  • Candles and incense: Scent is the most powerful sense, one that we associate a lot with and that is potent in bringing back memories. You can light some incense or scented candles to add another powerful layer to your sacred stoned experience. Whether you want to light a pumpkin candle to honor the season, or some rose incense for love, you may wish to pick a certain scent you use each time you work with cannabis to further strengthen this relationship. 
  • Tea or wine: Another simple way to enhance your weed experience is by working with taste. While I love a good tea and some red wine, you may choose to drink a sparkling cider, some coffee or even a cannabis infused drink to connect with this sense. You can hold your palms over your beverage of choice and infuse this with white light that moves from the heavens, down the crown of your head and through your body. You can affirm an intention for yourself as you infuse this into your drink.
  • Find a hobby that you enjoy: Last but not least, I highly recommend finding a hobby you can connect with when you’re stoned. I have gotten very into latch hooking and having a craft that connects me to the sense of touch has been great. Both this craft and performing shibari (aka rope bondage) on myself have been one of my favorite things to do after eating an edible. Of course, as always, be safe and cautious if you are under the influence, making sure to use your wits and common sense! 

I see you, I love you, you got this. I hope that you are all doing well considering the circumstances, and I hope that cannabis brings you some sweet relief in this bat shit year.


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