Good cannabis isn’t hard to come by in legal states, but if you don’t want to burn through both your wallet and all your good bud, you’re probably interested in ways to stretch your stash between dispensary visits. Thankfully, there’s an essential technique that can help conserve and extend your high-grade cannabis during a solo or group smoke session.

Cornering, or to corner a bowl, is when the consumer lights their lighter away from the bowl and brings it to the bowl’s side. Next, ease the flame over the lip of the bowl, slicing a piece (or corner) of the full circular bowl of cannabis. This technique is not hard to master and is a simple recalibration of using a lighter.

Simply put, instead of lighting your lighter over the bowl and dispersing flint and uncombusted fuel into your cannabis, light it to the side. This will preserve your flavor in a big way and keep additional external chemicals to a minimum.

How to corner your bowl of cannabis

Instead of laying your flame directly on all your fresh greens, creep up next to your bowl and dip the flame over the side of your bowl piece. Try to burn a dot at the edge of the bowl. The ideal scenario from this point, particularly while sharing a bowl with others, is that the cherry stays lit and the need to reintroduce a lighter is removed. (A “cherry,” for those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, is when the embers of your bowl of cannabis stay lit and can be easy stoked with a drag off the pipe from the next person in the rotation. The embers glow red like a cherry, and continue to cook the cannabis throughout the bowl.)


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