The E-Rig space is quickly becoming one of the most crowded in the industry. Between the Puffco Peak, the Kandypens Aura, Focus’ Carta V, and the hundreds of cheap knock-offs that have come after them, the surplus of competitors unfortunately hasn’t exactly brought a surplus of functionality. Many of these devices, which claim to get hot enough to produce an actual dab hit, just can’t take the heat. Others, which seem to hit the required temperature, can’t shake that burnt taste—quickly chazzing bangers or tasting like plastic. While we’re all looking forward to the days where we’ll no longer need a torch, many of these *soupers* just haven’t been it yet.

Enter The High Five Duo. 

A newcomer to this particular section of the market, HIGH5 has actually been around for a while developing everything from E-nails to Rosin Presses, and unlike many brands in the space, these guys do everything in house—from design to production. The results are not only beautiful products, but highly functional pieces that get the job done. Even better than that, these guys are focused on keeping their innovations affordable, which means greater accessibility to premium functionality for all! What’s not to love?

Upon first glance, the team at HIGH5 has clearly designed a beautiful unit. It’s a bit hard to look unique in this space, but this team has developed a sturdy-looking, user-friendly device that out of the box looks like something anyone could handle, from long-time dabbers to concentrate newbies. While it comes out of the box with everything you’ll need to get premiere hits, this device already has plenty of custom attachments to personalize it to your tastes, from custom bubblers to carb caps—it’ll even work with the Puffco Peak glass attachments. One of my favorite parts of the Duo, and something I haven’t seen anywhere else, is the magnetic carb cap holder, which will keep your orb in place and out of the way even when mobile. Having regularly used some of the competitors in this arena I know how quickly the cap and tether get sticky and gross, so I know this will come in handy. I’m excited about the feel of the unit, and am confident this is a rig I’ll actually be able to keep clean. Additionally, the light functionality on this thing is GREAT, so you’ll always want it in pristine condition. All customizable, from the colors to which surfaces illuminate, this piece definitely works decoratively no matter what your aesthetic.

What’s In The Box?

Inside the box you’ll find everything you need to get started, and to take your Duo on the go. From the protective carrying case to the different bowl attachments, the Duo comes with all the bells and whistles you expect when you spend $300 on a device, with a presentation that clearly shows the HIGH5 team are consumers themselves. Although sold as a concentrate device, in the near future the team will be releasing a separate attachment that will allow you to consume flower as well. When you hold the device one of the first things you’ll notice is the soft silicon encompassing the base and bowl. While this is obviously gentle on the hands, it’s also a very easy to clean surface, so keeping your rig in clean order will be a breeze, even if you’re sloppy dropping your dabs in. Additionally, both the base and the atomizer include various warranties to guarantee the product lasts.

I got mine set up with the quartz bowl (very important step—don’t forget this! In my excitement, I totally went to drop a dab in bowl-less), poured a bit of water in the bubbler, and since this has pass thru charging functionality with its USB C charger, I was hitting this thing just minutes after getting it out of the box—which is extremely exciting as with other units they always seem to be dead when you want to use them, and then you have to first wait for a charge. Let me tell you, the Duo HITS!

Using The Duo

You’ll quickly learn the Duo is one of the fastest heating units on the market. With haptic feedback on top of it’s LED display you’ll always know when it’s ready to go, but you’ll likely be surprised by the responsiveness. This thing comes to temp in under 5 seconds. It may run a little hot for some with the presets, but remember when I mentioned that everything is customizable? You can dial that baby in to whatever temp you prefer all from the controls on the device—no app or software required! You can even update your sesh time, which is great for bigger globs, or longer lasting low temp pulls.

The next thing you’ll notice is that this thing produces EXACTLY what you expect when you want to take a dab—full clouds, full temp, and it’ll burn off all your extract—which as you’ve heard me say before has been a consistent problem in this space. The vapor is pulled over the top of the atomizer so you don’t get that burnt taste either. While I’d definitely still recommend swabbing it out in between hits to maintain the cleanliness of the bowl, you’ll find much less residue after a hit than you will with other competitors on the market. And I’m not just talking about the bowl there—the airway path is also composed of that high end silicon so even if you clog yourself up, getting back to a clean pull is a breeze.

All in, the Duo is a dream for macro dosers like myself, with a wide mouth bowl that can easily fit monster globs, and is compatible with pearls and inserts—which I’ve been hesitant to use on other electronic units. It’s also REALLY easy to clean, with a removable airway path for when it gets clogged, and silicon everywhere it matters on the outside of the unit, which has been another big problem for devices in this sector. While it’ll likely take me a few more weeks to find the end of it’s battery life (I’m at least 15 dabs in and it still says the battery is near full), I’m confident that we’ve got a winner on our hands here. 

Rounding this out and in case anything goes wrong, HIGH5 hooks you up with a 3 month warranty on the atomizer, and a 3 YEAR warranty on the base. If you’ve got any other questions they’ve got a pretty extensive guide here, and they’re super responsive on their Instagram page @high5vape. If you’ve got one, or pick one up, let us know what you think on social!


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