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How To Choose An Ash Catcher

Joint Gender Besides size, joint gender is another crucial trait buyers must pay attention to....

Study Finds Smoking From A Pipe Can Expose You To More Germs Than A...

But don’t back out of your smoke circle just yet.

What is cannabis reclaim and how do you smoke it?

If you’ve ever smoked weed from a pipe, you’ve seen the black greasy gunk form inside it. This...

The High Times Gift Guide For Sophisticated Smokers

Even the most distinguishing stoner will love these gifts for the sophisticated smoker.

6 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Without Having to Smoke It

Think back to the first time you smoked cannabis. You probably recall the burning throat, the uncoordinated attempts...

The 13 Best Cannabis Strains for Parties

A lot of people think of alcohol as the classic social lubricant. For some of us, it...

What To Do When Your Friend Gets Too High?

Friend too high? Don't know what to do? We're here to help.

High Five: Smoke-Free Ways to Use Medical Marijuana

The many methods for administering medical marijuana.
How To Roll Blunts

Blunts Vs Joints Vs Spliffs – What’s the Difference?

It’s the kind of faux-pas every cannabis newcomer makes at some point or another. You refer to one...

What is Marijuana Shake?

You’ve heard the term “shake”… but do you actually know what it is?

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