County sued for denying medical cannabis to probationers

One county judge in Pennsylvania has instituted his own policy that contradicts state law. (HighGradeRoots/iStock)

Jurors revolt, refuse to consider felony charges for cannabis

Jurors in New Orleans refused to consider a felony charge for a man holding an ounce of cannabis on Bourbon Street. You can do the same. (P_Wei/iStock)

Governor of Utah Signs Revised Medical Cannabis Law

The new bill aims to make medical marijuana much more accessible.

Wisconsin and South Dakota Are Preparing 2020 Legalization Measures

Wisconsin and South Dakota are among the few handful of states that still don’t allow the medical use...

Florida Lawmakers File Bill To Expand Medical Marijuana Research

The Expanding Cannabis Research and Information Act aims to take a closer look at the health benefits of marijuana.

Federal Trade Commission Sends Warning Letters To Three CBD Companies

The FTC is warning companies that it is illegal to advertise the health benefits of CBD without acceptable scientific evidence.

Governor Of South Dakota Vows To Veto Bill Legalizing Industrial Hemp

The Republican governor said that she plans to veto a bill to legalize hemp agriculture in the state if the legislature passes such a measure.

DEA Says It Will Finally Let Others Grow Research-Grade Cannabis

Just two days ahead of a federal court-ordered deadline, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says it is “moving...

NJ Governor Vetoes Cannabis Expungement, Calls for Stronger Bill

Anyone with a New Jersey cannabis conviction could be in for good news if state lawmakers decide to...

California Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Medical Cannabis on School Campuses

Parents may soon be able to legally administer medical cannabis to K-12 students while they’re at school.

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