Pennsylvania Adds Anxiety and Tourette Syndrome to Medical Marijuana Program

The decision will take effect later this month.
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Marijuana by Mail? – “No” Is The Answer

Pot by post has been a thing for some time now. Even prior to legalization across much of...

Gas Station Chain Sheetz Now Selling CBD Products in Pennsylvania Locations

Sheetz is a go-to when you’ve got the munchies. Now you can get your CBD there, too.

Texas Gov. Signs Hemp Legalization Bill

Texas is the latest state to adopt hemp legalization language after the plant’s federal restrictions were lifted last year. The plan still needs USDA approval, which is unlikely to happen for this year’s growing season.

How Dark Heart Nursery Produces Millions of Cannabis Clones

As the summer sun reaches maximum height in the North American sky, cannabis gardeners are placing hundreds of thousands of...

Doctors Pen Op-Ed Urging States to Raise Legal Cannabis Consumption Age to 25

The pair of physicians caution against rising THC levels in cannabis.

A Year After Canada Legalizes Weed, People Are Still Buying Unregulated Cannabis

It has been one year since Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use, but it is the country’s unregulated weed market that’s still thriving.

Illinois Just Legalized Cannabis. Here’s What Happens Next

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker made history today by signing a bill legalizing the adult use of cannabis in...

UFC Champ Henry Cejudo Talks Cannabis, UFC, And Legalization & Stigma In Mexico

Cejudo’s heritage and descent are closely intertwined with his beliefs about CBD’s healing power.

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