Edmonton considers legalizing cannabis consumption lounges

Edmonton city councillor Mike Nickel is pushing his city to adopt bylaws allowing for cannabis lounges, making Edmonton the...

Quebec raising age of cannabis consumption to 21 in the new year

Last week, Quebec’s CAQ government passed a new law, which raised the age for cannabis consumption from 18 (tied with Alberta...

5 Canadian medical cannabis products that could become recreational

The medical cannabis market in Canada has been the testing ground for some interesting products and product features...

Quebec Raises Legal Cannabis Consumption Age, Outlaws Most Edibles

Quebec is also restricting the consumption of cannabis in public.

Price averages for Canadian cannabis by province

Price averages are useful for personal purchases, helping you find above average quality product for below average prices...

FDA Endorses Tobacco Pouches As Safer Than Cigarettes

While a dramatic vaping scare sweeps the nation, U.S. health regulators are endorsing snus as a “reduced risk” tobacco product.

Miami Beach Commissioners Vote Unanimously To Ban Public Smoking Of Weed

Miami Beach cops won’t distinguish between legal hemp and illegal marijuana when they make arrests for public cannabis consumption.

Did your state ban vaping? Check this updated list to find out

Elected officials have reacted quickly and drastically to the outbreak in vape-related lung illnesses across the U.S. this...

A Look At Cannabis Legislation In Countries Around The World

From the US and Mexico to New Zealand, Luxembourg, and Russia, Canada’s cannabis legislation is influencing marijuana laws in nations across the globe.

A Year After Canada Legalizes Weed, People Are Still Buying Unregulated Cannabis

It has been one year since Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use, but it is the country’s unregulated weed market that’s still thriving.

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