Women Say Cannabis Makes for Better Orgasms

Do you wish you had more satisfying orgasms? A new study from the journal Sexual Medicine  suggests that cannabis could...

Sex After 50: Can Cannabis Increase Sexual Satisfaction?

Can cannabis bring you to another world, help you discover the truth about love, lift you to a...

Female Forward: Periods, Hormones and THC

Hormones are powerful chemicals that are constantly fluctuating and influencing the ways in which our bodies respond to...

New Study Finds CBD Can Help Curb Heroin Cravings

The record-breaking climb in US overdose deaths—which now outnumber peak annual deaths from car crashes, guns, and HIV—has led some...

Is the Cannabinoid CBN an Effective Sleep Aid?

While working at a cannabis dispensary, I discovered the power of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), and how cannabinoids...

Buddha Beans Offers a Different Kind of Coffee

“Drinking coffee is a ritual. We want to keep the experience of coffee and infuse CBD so that it can be an easy way to consume it.”

Ben & Jerry’s Uses Platform to Urge Marijuana Law Reform on 420

Ben & Jerry’s has a history of being politically and socially progressive.

Post Malone Reportedly Launching Cannabis Company Called Shaboink

TMZ reports that a California paraphernalia company will be supplying his flowers.

Hip Hop Artist Ray J Invests $5 Million to Launch Cannabis Brand

The launch of Ray J’s new cannabis venture, William Ray LA, will feature sativa and indica pre-rolls, aptly named Ray Jay’s

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