Why Aren’t More Patients Utilizing Medical Cannabis Reciprocity Programs?

Medical cannabis reciprocity laws make traveling more accessible for patients.

Cooking Makes Shaun Latham Feel Good

Shaun Latham dishes on comedy, sports, and food.

The High Times Gift Guide To Edibles

For a delicious holiday season and a tasty new year.

The High Times Guide To Gifts For Students

For a higher education.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

All information is regarding urine tests for THC. Other types of drug tests have different procedures and take other information into account.

The Alchemy of Love

Could love be magic?

Interview With Susan Sontag, The Dark Lady Of Pop Philosophy

From the March, 1978 issue of High Times comes a fascinating interview with the late, great Susan Sontag.

Dr. Andrew Weil on Ginseng

In the October, 1980 issue of High Times, noted expert Dr. Andrew Weil stripped away the veil of misinformation surrounding ginseng.

Interview With Robert Anton Wilson

And now, a wide-ranging chat with legendary author Robert Anton Wilson (1932 – 2007) from the November, 1991 issue of High Times.

Brad Bogus, VP of Growth & Marketing at Confident Cannabis

What’s Brad Bogus smoking?

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