New Year’s Dead

Writer Steve Bloom’s May, 1991 account of a failed attempt to see the Grateful Dead on New Year’s Eve.

An Xmas Meditation, The Flabellum Of Destiny

For the December, 1979 issue of High Times, late writer Glenn O’Brien paid a visit to the Cloisters to learn about a curious relic.

The Strange History of American Cults

Over 300 years of sex, death, and weirdness.

A Christmas Carol By Truman Capote As Told To Andy Warhol

Not one but two pop-culture icons discuss what they want for Christmas in the December, 1978 issue of High Times.

Canada’s biggest legal joint — we rolled it!

Photo by Jesse Milns for Leafly Canada

Learn to bake cannabis edibles during your coronavirus self-isolation

In the last couple weeks, concerns over coronavirus have meant social distancing and increasing isolation for more and...

Gift Guide To Flower

Go back to the basics with simple, pure flower.

How to make cannabis-infused tea

Monica Lo and Jessica Aragona contributed to this recipe. Updated 2/12/2018.

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Looking for some old-fashioned methods? We got you.

Interview With William Burroughs

A rare conversation with one of America’s greatest writers from a 1979 issue of High Times.

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