Gift Guide To Flower

Go back to the basics with simple, pure flower.

‘How Will Marijuana Affect Me?’ 5 Basic Cannabis Questions Answered

Leafly receives a steady stream of questions from cannabis users like you who want to know anything...

How Canada’s West Coast Became World Renowned for Cannabis Cultivation

Like oranges from Seville, beef from Alberta and wine from Tuscany, British Columbia is ubiquitous with one particular...

The High Times Guide To Gifts For Students

For a higher education.

Hey, who pre-licked my pre-roll? A cautionary tale in the time of COVID-19

When it comes to weed, a lot of veteran cannabis enthusiasts still take pride in their old-school traditions....

The Origin of the Word ‘Marijuana’

The word “marijuana” plays a controversial role in cannabis culture. Many well-known organizations such as Oakland’s Harborside Heath...

Granny Storm Crow, Grass Roots Advocate

For more than ten years Granny Storm Crow has been compiling studies on cannabis from around the world, maintaining a...

Nico Marley’s Love For Ganja Is The Evolution Of His Grandfather’s Philosophy

Bob Marley once said “In this bright future you can’t forget your past,” and now we have a new generation of Marley’s spreading his legendary love for cannabis all over the world.

CBD gummy jewels in pomegranate or orange-lime flavor

Easy, portable, convenient, coming to a kitchen near you. The Gummy. Edible sales are booming....

High Times Greats: Divine

In which John Waters interviews his muse.

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