Why Is Cannabis Now So Different From 1970s Cannabis?

They came in kilo bricks. By boat, in trucks, and in cargo planes, pounds of dried-up flakes and...

75 stoner movies to beat the coronavirus quarantine blues

You're gonna want a lot more Blue Steel in your life in the coming days. (Zoolander / Paramount Pictures)

Interview With Norman Mailer

Legs McNeil’s interview with Norman Mailer from the September, 1979 issue of High Times.

That Alarming CBD Liver Damage Study Is Bunk—And the Media Should Know Better

It’s 2019 and we still live in a world where one small study, on mice, with a highly...

Higher Profile: Emily Paxhia, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Poseidon Asset Management

Emily Paxhia tells us the story of her family and her business.

Life as Gregory Siff

Visual artist Gregory Siff on art in quarantine, his Topps baseball card collaboration and getting high with Ty Dolla $ign.

Cannabis Church Founder Runs for Indiana Governor

First Church of Cannabis founder Bill Levin during the church's first service. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

A Gift From the Gods: The History of Cannabis and Religion

Does cannabis have any ties to religion? What we found may surprise you. Cannabis has not...

Talking the Shifting Cannabis Perception with Straight Edge Community Members

Is the Straight Edge community adjusting their views on cannabis?

Ben & Jerry’s Uses Platform to Urge Marijuana Law Reform on 420

Ben & Jerry’s has a history of being politically and socially progressive.

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