High Times has been Cleared to List; Readies for Public Trading

Today marks an historic milestone for Hightimes Holding Corp. and the tens of thousands of people who have...

Can police really smell cannabis in your car?

It’s difficult to imagine that 52 pounds of cannabis wouldn’t smell, but a new study, inspired by the...

Vermont House Gives Preliminary OK to Commercial Cannabis Industry Bill

The Senate’s given its approval, but there’s still a few matters to resolve.

Utah’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Expected to Open Monday

State lawmakers are scrambling to make sure everything goes as planned.

Colorado Cannabis Company to Study Cannabinoids’ Effect on Alzheimer’s Disease

Could dementia and Alzheimer’s patients benefit from cannabis?

Philadelphia Flower Show to Spotlight Medical Marijuana

For the first time, the Philadelphia Flower Show will provide information about our favorite flower.

NY Marijuana Czar Continues Push For Legal Weed: It’s ‘The Right Thing To Do’

Norman Birenbaum is determined to make legal pot a reality in New York.

Is legalization bad for medical cannabis patients?

Legal cannabis isn’t new to Canada—in fact it’s been available to patients with qualifying medical conditions since 2001. There’s no...

Why won’t your doctor prescribe you cannabis?

Almost 60% of US healthcare providers feel negatively about medical cannabis, while less than 12% view it...

Cannabis store manager thwarts robbers with bear spray

Bear spray helps a dispensary manager fight away would-be thieves. (SiberianPhotographer/AdobeStock)

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