Canadian Citizen Sentenced To Death In China For Alleged Role In Drug Ring

Robert Lloyd Schellenberg’s sentence has just been changed from 15 years in a Chinese prison to execution.

Bob Marley’s Son Prepares To Create Amsterdam-Style Coffee Shops

If you’re one of Bob Marley’s eight children, you can pretty much choose to do whatever you want...

Utah’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Expected to Open Monday

State lawmakers are scrambling to make sure everything goes as planned.

Israel Announced Intentions To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Israel has just announced that the country will be drafting a memo for approval that would legalize and regulate cannabis...

Cannabis legalization around the world

It’s easy to focus on what’s happening in our happy little smoke-filled bubble in Canada, where adult cannabis...

Medical Marijuana Now Available for Free for Patients in Sicily

The announcement follows an important court decision on home grow operations.

Canadian moms band together to fight cannabis stigma

Women with children who also consume cannabis have long complained that they face more stigma than dads who use weed.

Tennessee Lawmaker Pushing—Again—For Legal Medical Marijuana

Senator Janice Bowling is reintroducing her bill to legalize medicinal cannabis.

Michigan May Be The Next State To Clear Cannabis Convictions

If the bill is signed, thousands of Michigan residents could see immense benefits.

Arizona’s Largest Newspaper Endorses Marijuana Legalization Bid

The Arizona Republic, which has a circulation of approximately 130,000, just endorsed a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in the state.

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