California Company Develops Metal-Free Vape Cartridge

We spoke to the President of Global Meds Outlet for more details.

Michigan May Be The Next State To Clear Cannabis Convictions

If the bill is signed, thousands of Michigan residents could see immense benefits.

Beto O’Rourke Would Use Marijuana Taxes To Help Expunge Possession Convictions

Beto O’Rourke’s legalization plan would include a monthly stipend for those formerly incarcerated for marijuana charges.

Florida School Principal Won’t Allow Bathroom Breaks Because Of Vaping

At a high school in Palm Beach County, Florida, the vaping crisis has claimed an unexpected casualty: bathroom breaks.

Report Finds Legal Cannabis Could Bring Texas $500M In Annual Tax Revenue

A new report found that Texas could bring in significant revenue if they legalized cannabis.

Why cannabis delivery is about more than transporting herb

This article is brought to you by HERB, delivering hand-picked cannabis products to homes all over Los Angeles.

Napa County Votes Unanimously To Ban All Commercial Cannabis In The Community

The decision is the culmination of a failed negotiation process between cannabis advocates and the area’s world famous wine industry.

Presidential Hopeful Elizabeth Warren Outlines Plan to Reform Federal Marijuana Laws

It’s light on details, but heavy on support for POCs and small cannabis businesses.

Leafly investigation: Vape lung injuries date back to 2007

Vape devices undergoing tests inside a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) laboratory. (Courtesy of Lauren Bishop/CDC)

New York To Host Debut Edition of Cannabis Auction Exchange

Your chance to bid on thousands of pounds of CBD products.

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