Minnesota Lawmakers Gear Up Again For Cannabis Legalization

It’s still a long shot, but they hope to learn from other states’ regulation missteps.

How The Drug War Unfairly Punishes Female Drug ‘Mules’

While it’s not exactly breaking news, we need to address it. The drug war abuses exploited women. But it’s not just the narcos who are at fault here.

Nebraska medical marijuana legalization guide

Nebraska voters will consider the state's first try at medical cannabis legalization in Nov. 2020. (Illustration: Joshua Titus for Leafly)

Northern California’s Flow Kana: The Best Weed Under The Sun

As the marijuana industry is scaling up for large-scale production, Northern California’s Flow Kana emphasizes small batch, sustainable growing.

Colorado bill would protect employees from dismissal for off-duty cannabis use

Lawmakers in Colorado are considering a measure that, if passed, could have wide-reaching implications on a controversial issue:...

Declaring cannabis ‘essential’ marks a watershed moment in history

In late March, a Terrapin Care Station employee in Colorado conducted curbside pickup as an essential business during the global COVID-19 outbreak. (Courtesy Terrapin Care Station)

Utah Hemp Farmers Growing Strains Named After Obama and Trump

Many growers experience a difficult first season.

Riding the senior bus to the dispensary

Michael Mclean, a resident of Laguna Woods Village, an age 55 and up community in Southern California, reads about edibles in the lobby of Bud and Bloom medical and recreation dispensary in Santa Ana, Calf. on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020. (Nick Agro for Leafly)

Canadian Company Says It Will Sell Cannabis In Convenience Stores

Recently, a Canadian company says it will sell cannabis in convenience stores. Are they for real? Or are they just blowing smoke?

Idaho medical marijuana legalization guide

Medical marijuana advocates in Idaho are still fighting to get their measure on the November 2020 ballot, after being delayed by COVID-19 restrictions on signature gathering in public spaces. (Illustration: Joshua Titus for Leafly)

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