CanEx Jamaica To Explore Emerging Markets In The Cannabis Space

CanEx Jamaica Business Conference and Expo 2019 takes place in Montego Bay September 26-28.

Canadian Health Officials Now Investigating Vaping-Related Hospitalization

The unnamed patient has since recovered and is no longer in the hospital.

Teen Accused Of Using Remote-Controlled Car To Transport Meth Across US Border

Border Patrol agents in San Diego arrested a 16-year-old boy early Sunday morning and have accused him of...

Oklahoma Releases Nearly 500 Inmates in Push to End Mass Incarceration

It’s billed as the largest commutation of prison sentences in U.S. history.

Marijuana Decriminalization Advances in Virginia State Legislature

But some activists say the plan doesn’t go far enough to repair drug war inequities.

Eighth Person Dies From Vaping-Related Illness While Hospitalizations Rise

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the number of confirmed and probable cases is 530, up from 380 a week ago.

When you should worry about leftover solvents in cannabis oil

Many cannabis producers have moved beyond using solvent extractions to isolate cannabinoids and other desirable compounds from cannabis...

Mayor of Amsterdam Pushing to Severely Restrict Cannabis Tourism

Is the mayor weighing banning tourists from cannabis cafés?

US Customs seizing New Brunswick residents’ legal weed

For nine months of the year, the only way to get to Campobello Island in southern New Brunswick...

The Winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado 2019!

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