Sonoma County Craft Cannabis Farm Hires French Laundry Alum to Run Cultivation

He is known for his succulent micro greens, but after 10 years at French Laundry, the restaurant’s head...

Border Patrol keeps seizing legal cannabis far from border in California

Federal marijuana prohibition is costing state-legal cannabis companies millions of dollars, as Border Patrol units have ramped up...

Richard DeLisi, 71, suffers in a Florida prison while others make millions on marijuana

Richard DeLisi, 71, uses a walker to get around in prison. He was convicted of a crime that's no longer a crime in 11 states. (Leafly illustration)

Oregon Cannabis Racketeering Lawsuit Can Proceed, Judge Rules

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A judge has ruled that a racketeering lawsuit brought by a vineyard against a...

Marijuana Businesses Are Playing It SAFE

Is this the writing on the wall? In what looks to be the biggest step forward toward the...

Legal Cannabis Sales Threaten Liquor Industry

The alcohol industry organization, the Wholesale Spirits and Wine Association (WSWA) is unhappy about legalized cannabis. At their...

Brazil Approves Importation Of Medicinal Cannabis-Based Products

Non-hemp marijuana production remains illegal in the country.

GOP Lawmaker Blames Latest Mass Shooting on Cannabis and Same-Sex Marriage

Rep. Keller is a member of the NRA, the US Conceal Carry Association, and the Buckeye Firearms Association.

Cherokee Nation Will No Longer Demand THC Abstinence From Employees

The tribal association is in the midst of reconsidering its relationship to cannabis.

Purdue Pharma Negotiating $12B Settlement To OxyContin Lawsuits

The company’s owners are the Sacklers, the 19th-richest family in the U.S.

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