Coca Cola Heir Caught with 5000 Cannabis Plants on Private Jet

He insists it was all hemp and no laws were broken.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Sue Facebook For Disabling Business Pages

Eight Tulsa-based businesses allege the social media giant is subjectively censoring their Facebook pages.

Majoon, Goblet Of Dreams

A head candy made from powdered hemp, honey, fruit and nuts, majoon offers a quick pick-me-up and an all-day-long hallucination.

Washington State Takes Down Online Map Of Marijuana Businesses Following Burglaries

Businesses have lost product, cash, and equipment, with some facilities suffering physical damage as well.

Governor of Michigan Takes Her Vaping Ban Decision To Supreme Court

Governor Whitmer’s fight for public health is far from over.

Reform, Defund, Abolish: Which Way, Western Man?

What is to be done about police brutality?

Key Takeaways from Today’s Hearing on the SAFE Banking Act

Here’s what was said at today’s Senate hearing.

3 ways to use your weed stems

Weed stems can be a gray area for the average cannabis smoker. Can you smoke them? Should you...

Dear Joe Biden: Here’s the data, now it’s time to embrace marijuana legalization

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was an architect of the war on drugs. Now he has the chance to fix that mistake—by embracing full federal legalization. But he's got to do it now, or risk getting boxed into an unpopular, untenable, and flat-out wrong policy position. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Study Finds Nearly Half Of Patients With MS Report Cannabis Use

A new survey shows that more MS patients are using cannabis to cope with their illness.

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