Study Finds No Evidence Cannabis Legalization Increases Cannabis Use By Teens

Researchers find that cannabis legalization does not increase teen pot smoking.

Prosecutor Issues Warning About Cannabis Edibles That Look Like Normal Candy

After police intercepted a package of cannabis edibles in Kentucky, U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart said Trick or Treat will never be the same.

Oklahoma Lawsuit Seeks to Prevent Release of Medical Cannabis Information to Police

A new law set to take effect August 29 could expose the medical cannabis information of more that 170,000 patients to police.

Florida University Developing Program To Teach School Kids About Medical Marijuana

The plan is to teach educators about how to share cannabis information with K-12 students.

What is nano THC? How nanoemulsions create new cannabis building blocks

This article is brought to you by Axiomm Technologies, enhancing products with consumption nanotechnology.

The Delic, The “First Psychedelic Wellness Corporation”, Is The New Coolest Thing

Founder Jackee Stang discusses how she’s pushing psychedelics’ “new renaissance”.

Actress Bella Thorne Launches Cannabis Brand

Bella Thorne gave us the details of her new cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers.

Hate Attack Strikes Boston-Area Cannabis Store

Vandals struck a storefront in Lynn, Mass., over the weekend, defacing the walls with hate-filled graffiti. They also left a noose hanging from the ceiling. (dlewis33/iStock)

Colorado Just Hit the $1 Billion Mark in Cannabis Tax Revenue

It’s a pretty extraordinary milestone, and an indicator of just how financially strong the legal marijuana market has...

Helicopter Filming Spanish Cycling Race Discovers Marijuana Growing On Rooftop

Spanish police seized 40 marijuana plants that a helicopter discovered while tracking cyclists in the Vuelta a España race on Saturday.

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