If You Smoke Marijuana, You’re a Slave to Vegetables

Your weekend weirdness comes courtesy of Mr. Pat Robertson, the former Southern Baptist minister and current host of...

Study Finds No Evidence Cannabis Legalization Increases Cannabis Use By Teens

Researchers find that cannabis legalization does not increase teen pot smoking.

B Noble is a New Cannabis Brand with Social Equity Built In

B Noble is a new cannabis brand with a mission and a focus on social equity.

Bill To Decriminalize Possessing, ‘Casually’ Exchanging Small Doses Of Pot Introduced In Tennessee

For a casual transfer to comply with the proposed law, it must be a spontaneous transfer of marijuana without a transaction taking place.

Prosecutor Issues Warning About Cannabis Edibles That Look Like Normal Candy

After police intercepted a package of cannabis edibles in Kentucky, U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart said Trick or Treat will never be the same.

Mississippi Supreme Court Strikes Down Successful Initiative 65 For Medical Marijuana

Although voters approved Initiative 65 in November, the state’s Supreme Court ruled against it.

New Jersey Introduces Workplace Safety Legislation Following Cannabis Legalization

Now that cannabis legalization has been signed into law in New Jersey, certain details and regulations are being ironed out.

22 Coolest Ashtrays for Your Cannabis

Ashtrays are an often-overlooked part of the cannabis consumer’s repertoire, despite being one of the most frequently used. Every...

New Poll Finds American Marijuana Use Roughly Even With Cigarette Smoking

Will cannabis consumption ever overshadow cigarette smoking?

North Dakota Advisory Board Approves Pardons Of 26 People With Cannabis Convictions

In a single motion, North Dakota’s five-member pardon advisory board approved the pardons of more than two dozen people with low-level marijuana convictions.

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