BRAND SPOTLIGHT: The Flowers Of Fig Farms

Welcome to our newest monthly feature, the Brand Spotlight. Each month, High Times will profile a company within the cannabis industry that we believe is doing it right and setting an example. This month, the Spotlight is on Fig Farms of Sonoma County, CA.

Magic Truffles Firm Gets Canadian Stock Market Listing

A firm devoted to psilocybin truffles is officially on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Denver, Colorado Releases Cannabis Business Equity Study

“This study sadly confirmed what was widely suspected,” said Ashley Kilroy, Denver Excise and Licenses executive director. “Denver does not have a diverse marijuana industry.

Maine Cannabis Company Challenges City’s Residency Rules

The plaintiffs are calling the preferential treatment to residents discriminatory.

The science behind giving CBD and cannabis to cats and dogs

A growing number of pet owners are using cannabis-derived products containing high doses of cannabidiol (CBD) and low or...

A Delicious Look at CBD Edibles From The Goodship

After years of cannabis production, certain techniques and refinement methods have become favored throughout the industry for their...

A list of major cannabinoids in cannabis and their effects

Cannabis produces a variety compounds known as cannabinoids, many of which have not been detected in any other plant....

Boulder Moves to Cancel out Past Cannabis Convictions

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — Prosecutors in a Colorado county are preparing to dismiss and seal thousands of marijuana...

3 ways to use your weed stems

Weed stems can be a gray area for the average cannabis smoker. Can you smoke them? Should you...

Employees and bosses equally uninformed on medical cannabis rights

A recent study of Canadian workers by Toronto research group Responsible Cannabis Use (RCU) found one in three believed...

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