North Dakota Cannabis Advocacy Group Submits Petition To Legalize Marijuana

Legalize ND is trying to take North Dakota further than decriminalization.

6 People in Massachusetts Reportedly Sick After Using Vapes From Licensed Source

Massachusetts’ medical marijuana program might have a vaping problem.

New York To Host Debut Edition of Cannabis Auction Exchange

Your chance to bid on thousands of pounds of CBD products.

Maine Now Taking Applications For Cannabis Dispensaries And Cultivators

Now that the long wait is over, the bureaucracy can begin.

Missouri Has More Medical Marijuana Patients Than Expected

Over the course of five months, Missouri has issued 22,000 medical marijuana cards.

Chicago Police Department Produces Video Explaining New Weed Laws

The video is part of the city’s Cannabis Facts Chicago public service campaign.

Frustration Emerges Over Lack of Minority Ownership In Chicago’s Cannabis Space

Several of Chicago’s aldermen want their wards have African American-owned dispensaries.

No Pro-Cannabis Members on Grand Haven’s City Council

Cannabis advocate Jamie Cooper is passed over for appointed seat on the Grand Haven City Council.

5 Canadian cannabis companies doing more

There’s something special about cannabis that inspires goodwill towards others—where would the 60s-era peace movement be without it?

How might terpenes contribute to the ‘entourage effect’ of cannabis?

The entourage effect describes how different components of the cannabis plant interact to create the unique effects of various strains...

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