B Noble is a New Cannabis Brand with Social Equity Built In

B Noble is a new cannabis brand with a mission and a focus on social equity.

Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 12th Edition

High Times’ own Jon Cappetta breaks down the latest hype drops to quell those COVID blues.

Congress to Vote on Protecting State Cannabis Programs

Congress is planning a vote to decide on a proposal to protect currently existing cannabis programs across the country.

Virginia Attorney General to Hire State’s First Cannabis Attorney

The job requires someone who can serve as general counsel to the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority.

New York Senator Introduces Cannabis Cultivation Bill

Adult-use cultivator provisional licenses would allow farmers to start planting in New York.

Republican Lawmakers Want Biden to Reclassify Cannabis

Republican Congressional representatives want Joe Biden to keep the promises he made on the campaign trail and reclassify cannabis.

Actor Adam Rodriguez Wants You to Elevate Your Highs

Adam Rodriguez, The “CSI: Miami” and “Magic Mike” star discusses his rise to fame, the importance of discipline and how growing your own weed enhances your stoney bliss.

Officials Warn About Fentanyl-Laced Weed—the Myth that Refuses to Die

Yesterday, the Washington State Department of Health sounded the alarm over fentanyl overdoses in a news release—and immediately started...

New Hemp Extract Exhibits Potential Weight Loss Properties

A hemp extract could be a new key to weight loss and body mass index control.

South Dakota Tribes and Advocates Continue Push for Legal Cannabis

South Dakota tribes and advocates both want to see cannabis legalized.

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