How to try the top cannabis terpenes in California

This article is brought to you by Amplifiilife, helping CBD consumers elevate their lifestyles with organic, solventless cannabis juice.

How to deal with Apple’s App Store vape purge

As of this morning, more than 180 apps related to vaping were banished from the iOS app store....

Zenabis recalls mislabeled CBD gelcaps that actually contained THC

Since legalization, the two noteworthy types of cannabinoid labelling errors leading to recalls may be principally classified as...

Rest in peace Joesy Whales, co-creator of cannabis strain Original Glue

Joesy Whales, co-creator of Original Glue, has passed on at the age of 69. His real name was Don. (GG Strains)

How to prepare for your first psychedelic mushroom trip

With the movement to decriminalize psychedelics gaining increasing steam, talk of psilocybin mushrooms, arguably the most readily available of entheogenics,...

If cannabis is legal, why is Michael Thompson serving 40 years in prison?

Michael Thompson, now 69, was sentenced to 40-to-60 years in prison for selling 3 pounds of marijuana in 1994. In Michigan, where cannabis is now legal, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is Thompson's only hope of getting out of prison alive. (Leafly illustration/Photo via Last Prisoner Project)

Does cannabis make you poo?

Have you ever sat down for a nice session but after a few tokes suddenly have to get...

Montana patients will be free to shop at any dispensary starting Tuesday

Starting June 2, medical patients in Montana can shop at any of the state's 200+ dispensaries. (Peter Kim / AdobeStock)

Montana judge won’t allow e-signatures for a legalization initiative

A Montana judge ruled that legalization advocates won't be able to gather signatures via e-sig programs like DocuSign. (AdobeStock)

Why cannabis delivery is about more than transporting herb

This article is brought to you by HERB, delivering hand-picked cannabis products to homes all over Los Angeles.

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