22 Midwesterners Hospitalized for Breathing Problems Linked to Vaping

Doctors are still not sure of an exact cause of their illnesses.

Ohio Experts Withdraw Recommendation to Approve Cannabis for Autism, Anxiety

The full board will have a vote in September.

Marijuana News Alabama Commission Considers Medical Marijuana Proposal

The panel heard testimonies from those with experience with medical marijuana.

Cannabis ETF Diversifies Risk for Investors

Why are potential investors so nervous about the legal cannabis industry?

Advocates, Nebraska AG Clash Over Constitutionality of Medical Marijuana

Attorney General Doug Peterson remains vehemently against medical cannabis.

Florida Hospital Diagnoses Medical Marijuana Patient With Drug Abuse

The stigma against medical marijuana patients is alive and well in Florida.

Oklahoma Lawsuit Seeks to Prevent Release of Medical Cannabis Information to Police

A new law set to take effect August 29 could expose the medical cannabis information of more that 170,000 patients to police.

Holy Crapo! Cannabis Banking Reform Makes Surprise Headway

A reform bill to break the prohibition on cannabis banking is blocked in the Senate banking committee, but now the committee chair says he's open to discussion on the issue.

Vermont Town May Vote to Ban Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

So far, the measure would only apply to medical marijuana dispensaries, as recreational retail is not yet legal in the state.

GOP Lawmaker Blames Latest Mass Shooting on Cannabis and Same-Sex Marriage

Rep. Keller is a member of the NRA, the US Conceal Carry Association, and the Buckeye Firearms Association.

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