New York Towns and Cities Considering Opting Out of Legal Cannabis Dispensaries

Cities and towns across New York are considering whether to allow retail cannabis dispensaries and consumption lounges legalized...

Delta-8 THC Regulation Continues to be a Hot Topic in Washington State

Delta-8 THC Regulation Continues to be a Hot Topic in Washington State

Connecticut Takes a Step Closer to Legalizing Weed

The Senate of Connecticut barely approved the cannabis legalization bill, 19-17, on Tuesday, which now heads toward the House for approval.

Massachusetts Approves Cannabis Delivery with Focus on Equity

Consumers in Michigan have even more options to purchase cannabis with the launch of a new license type...

Maine Hits New Milestone of Record-Breaking Marijuana Sales

Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy reported the state achieved its highest grossing month yet in May with $5.3 million in sales.

The Monumental Potential of New York’s New Legal Cannabis Program

New York has officially legalized recreational weed. Here are all the details we have so far.

Mississippi Supreme Court Strikes Down Successful Initiative 65 For Medical Marijuana

Although voters approved Initiative 65 in November, the state’s Supreme Court ruled against it.

Alabama Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill, SB 46, Signed By Governor Kay Ivey

With the signature of Governor Kay Ivey, an Alabama medical marijuana bill will go into effect immediately.

Canadian Study Finds Significant Reduction In Opioid Use Linked To Medical Cannabis Authorizations

Another recent study found a correlation between medical cannabis and a reduction in opioid use.

Education Board Adopts Rules For Medical Cannabis In South Dakota Schools

Students, parents, and staff now have guidelines for the use of medical cannabis in South Dakota schools.

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