$1.1 billion worth of cannabis sold in Canada’s first year of legalization

One year after the legalization of recreational cannabis, Cannabis Benchmarks, a company that tracks cannabis prices, estimates that...

New Mexico cannabis legalization would fund medical program

New Mexico marijuana legalization would help low-income patients, police and small business. (Aneese/iStock)

Napa County Votes Unanimously To Ban All Commercial Cannabis In The Community

The decision is the culmination of a failed negotiation process between cannabis advocates and the area’s world famous wine industry.

Man’s 15-Year Sentence For Cocaine Dropped After Lab Finds It Was Powdered Milk

After a grossly inaccurate drug field test, a homeless man ended up wrongfully incarcerated for weeks.

Edibles and Other Cannabis Derivatives Become Legal in Canada This Week

New regulations for edibles and extracts take effect October 17, but products won’t hit shelves until mid-December at the earliest.

The Opioid Crisis Has Cost The US More Than Half A Trillion Dollars In...

The opioid epidemic has cost the U.S. economy $631 billion from 2015 through the beginning of this year.

Weed-Friendly Gala To Benefit Planned Parenthood Coming To Colorado

Proceeds from the event are going toward Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Quebec’s ban on homegrow violates federal law according to courts

What is the judge’s ruling quashing Quebec’s ban on home cannabis cultivation really about? Arguments about civil...

Comprehensive Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania

From home grow to commuting sentences for cannabis offenses to supporting local entrepreneurs, Pennsylvania’s most progressive legalization proposal to date has it all.

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