4/20 is fast approaching and this year being Canada’s first-ever day feteing legal cannabis is a pretty big deal deserving of a big celebration.

Giant bats, fat cannons, or as some might say, doinks, have historically been among the most sensational sights at marijuana marches, but are they legal under the new federal regulations?The answer is, yes—to a limit. In keeping within the personal possession limits set out by the Cannabis Act for recreational cannabis, the maximum amount of dried cannabis that any of-age individual can possess at one time is 30 grams.

So that’s what we bought.

30 gram joint
Photos by Jesse Milns for Leafly Canada

At a total cost of $381.94, we purchased all the Tangerine Dream that we could get our hands on and then set about opening the extensive packaging, grinding the bud, and rolling the biggest legal joint possible.

It took 45 minutes and some trial and error, but the result is a four-paper, foot-long doob! It might not be a record-breaking but it’s impressive for sure.

Of course, a joint containing more than an ounce of cannabis is certainly not a single serving—enlisting help from friends and family is a must!


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