We know plants have a consciousness but have you ever wondered how we could actually tap into it and understand what they are communicating? This isn’t like an Audrey 2 but please cue the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack. In the 1970s, a community of people started extensively researching communication with the dynamic plant kingdom. This led to creating an instrument that would measure the electromagnetic fluctuations from the surface of the plant and translate these impulses into sound. Imagine those little EKG pads they place on you in the hospital, but instead of the “beep-beep” of your heart, a symphony of strings plays like a song. The device works by measuring the variation in the connection between two metal probes. 

This created a discovery of a new level of plant perception and the ability for humans to communicate with them on another level. This community began to use a device that has a MIDI interface to transform the electrical impulses from a leaf or the root system to create music. Science has supported the hypothesis that plants operate with an intelligence different from that of human intelligence. As any gardener will tell you, the plants communicate and respond to those that work with them in close quarters. When you work in a garden and tend to the plant kingdom, you start to develop a relationship with them that is tangible, brings peace, and helps you feel connected to the bigger picture. 

With this developing technology, we have been able to understand plant intelligence like never before. People are even recording the music of Cannabis plants; the artists Joe Patitucci and Jon Shapiro created a symphony with Cannabis while they were traveling in South America years ago, before anyone was really venturing into working with Cannabis in this space. Now, we have people using this same technology to create guided meditations from plants, showcasing this technology at events, and even curating “soul symphonies” from people! In the winter of 2018, Revolver Productions produced an event called Immersion in Denver, Colorado. It was this event that showcased how the cannabis plant creates music with the interaction of Reiki, Crystals, and direct human contact. This was one of the first events where people got to see a Reiki healer interacting with a plant and hearing the audible difference in the plants’ response.

The Reiki healer was me. And the response was pure awe when I played the singing bowls, gongs, and gave the plant energy healing while using special crystals. 

Body and Cannabis-Generated Music Might Just Be The Future of Healing

Music From Cannabis…And Music From The Body

When music is created from the Cannabis plant you can hear the quality of how well the plant was grown. You can determine whether the plant is a sick plant or a healthy plant. Some plants which have interaction with humans daily and are tended to as loving companions will play an uplifting bright melody. While others, which may be grown just to turn a profit with heavy pesticides play a low or unsteady series of notes that sound like a sputtering car engine! This technology creates sound waves that can lead to shocking discoveries which can help growers find problems and counter them before the entire crop goes down. Imagine what this could do on the body! If you could hear the discord in your energetic state before it manifests on the physical level, your health could significantly change. 

Imagine no further. PlantWave, created by Data Garden, has made this possible through the handheld device they created to work over a wireless connection with iOS and Android devices to enable you to create music from your own plants at home with just your iPhone! Formally called MidiSprout, I have used this device to create music from multiple people’s bodies to promote relaxation and guide them through sensory healing sessions. Using programs such as Garageband or Ableton, you can hook up the device to different synthesizers and really get creative. My favorite way to do this is to combine the energetic aspects of Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy) sound healing, and having the client intake Cannabis. The Cannabis plant creates an unforgettable song and each strain has a different melody – the same two strains can have different songs and be grown in the same room beside each other. No two “sound prints” are the same. This goes for humans as well and each time you connect yourself up to the device, you will produce a new song. A new blueprint and unique energetic sound that can never be duplicated. 

Listening to your body create a song from the energetic vibration that creates a tangible auditory response helps people understand how energy healing affects the body. When you consume Cannabis, your energetic components shift, the energetic body responds differently depending on what form of Cannabis you take. You can hear this as you are connected to the PlantWave device. If you ingest an edible, use a sublingual spray, or apply a topical, the energetic frequency of the body shifts. As you start to get energy healing and the practitioner lays their hands on certain parts of your body, the energy shifts and moves creating faster or sometimes slower beats per minute. You can even jump octaves through the scale or your body may refuse to even play certain instruments. The plants do this as well, almost as if they are demanding to communicate on their terms. 

If the healer is at your knees and you feel a warm tingly sensation in your body, it is common to try and find the logical reasoning behind it. We say to ourselves, “Oh, well I was laying a certain way and my leg fell asleep.” Most people don’t think a burst of energy came through and cleared or dissipated as the healer channeled energy through them. When you are hooked up to this technology, whether you are conscious or not – (i.e in a coma, asleep, meditating, etc) you will produce some form of sounds. It may be the sound of the car engine sputtering if you have a lot of anxiety or it could be the sounds of deep house music if you do a lot of self-work. I have seen many variations. 

Body and Cannabis-Generated Music Might Just Be The Future of Healing

Connecting With Your Body On A Whole New Level

Using this technology to track your stress is a great way to balance anxiety. Just like knowing what terpenes help you feel better when you smoke cannabis, knowing what types of energetic work affect you can help propel you into a more relaxed state. Sometimes a sound bath can leave you on edge. I have been in a sound bath with a close friend when we emerged out she said, “That was 45 minutes of me being purely anxious.” The fact that there was a scorpion walking around everyone during the sound bath MAY has been a contributing factor but nonetheless, energy healing affects everyone differently. If you could listen to your body’s response as a song when you walked through life you would have a different perception of how the world operates. 

90% of the people who own Midi Sprouts (which is only a whopping 1,600) have stated they would rather listen to their plants over pre-recorded music. Listening to the sound of your own body is a new way to connect with yourself. Knowing how your environment changes by being aware of your energetic blueprint could potentially change the way people go about their daily lives. 

Now, let’s take this one step further and talk about the potentials of creating songs through multiple bodies and even through sex. With the measuring of the variations through the metal probes, one person can hold one probe in one hand while another holds another probe in their hand. No music or sounds will be created until the two people grasp their free hands together with the other. Then, just with the power of connectivity, a closed-circuit is created and you begin to hear the song of the two people together! This is beautiful and really life-changing for partners, friends, and family members. As long as the circuit is closed the song will continue to be produced. You can create a song while eating, or while having sex, and even during meditation together. 

This technology can be used to go further into helping people with loved ones find clarity who may not be able to respond audibly, such as those who are autistic, are disabled, or are in comatose states. As long as there is an energetic impulse, a song should be able to be produced. This can bring clarity to those who think someone may be suffering or in a state of pain. You could attach the nodes to someone who you wish to communicate with and the body could respond with the song as they speak to the person who can not communicate back. Sometimes hearing the song they produce can help the family or friends have a better understanding of what energetically is going on when the physical body takes a turn for the worse. If someone has an extremely high pain tolerance and is hooked up to the Plantwave, you would be able to hear how they sound even if they tell you and insist “they are okay.”

This technology has a lot of potential and can lead to great discoveries in the medical field. Smoking cannabis and doing yoga is nothing new, but ingesting cannabis mindfully to create your own “Soul Symphony” while doing different activities could be a whole lifestyle change! If you are looking to create music from your body while getting energy healing and using Cannabis, I invite you to seek out a qualified healer. You can also grab your own Plantwave by contributing to the new Kickstarter campaign to receive one of the new prototypes which is built to be wireless and connect over Bluetooth. You can support PlantWave and get one of the last 40 MidiSprouts available before the new devices launch here.


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