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Explain what dabbing used to be like to someone who is just entering the concentrate game, and it sounds pretty intense. After all, torches and butane aren’t necessarily considered chill. But for a few years now, many companies have been working on relaxing the process and making it more accessible and attractive to all.

Grenco Science developed the G Pen Roam after years of active participation in the vaporization industry. After introducing consumers to everything from handheld devices to e-nails, Grenco has now ensured that concentrate enthusiasts have a way to take their favorite oils and dabs with them wherever they go.

G Pen Roam

The G Pen Roam continues the brand’s user-friendly tradition of form and function, making it easy to take just about anywhere.

In an age when we’re thinking about ways to stay lifted and give ourselves a little more room to breathe, it’s easy to grab your Roam and open up your world.

Roam outside

Backyards, porches, parks, rooftops – those special spots where you can feel the breeze and see a bit of nature. The G Pen Roam comes in a hemp carrying case that you can toss in your bag, and get into the great outdoors.

Charge it the night before with the included micro USB to USB charger, pop your favorite concentrates in the designated spot in the case, and hit the road for a personal outdoor adventure.

Don’t forget some water for yourself and the self-contained water filtration component inside the device. But don’t worry about moving around too much for this vaporizer. The hydrotube that contains the water is spill-proof, and the device was drop tested by the manufacturer to verify the materials’ durability.

Other things you’ll find inside the case include a tool for scooping and loading your concentrates and a few swabs, so you can keep the device clean between uses, then sit back and look at the sky.

Roam at home

Some people have coffee mugs larger than the G Pen Roam, making it pretty easy to keep on your nightstand, living room table, or any other cozy nooks you might create in your house. Fire it up, and Feng Shui your way to a new favorite reading spot or keep it next to you on the days where you work from bed.

If you feel a little restless at home, the Roam can help you lean into the hobby of getting high. Use it to dig deeper into what you like and don’t like. Do you prefer rocks and sauce? Wax? What temps work best for your favorites?

The Roam has an easy to read LED screen that lets you adjust the temperature between 600- and 800-degrees Fahrenheit or the Celsius equivalent. With the power to preheat and control the temperature with the press of a button, you’ll begin to notice the different ways that concentrates vaporize and identify the perfect temperatures for your preferred products.

Roam wherever you want to  

Woman using G Pen Roam

Call us minimalist, but is there anywhere else to go but outside and inside? The G Pen Roam is a compact way to vaporize concentrates anywhere you are. Haptic feedback lets you know when the device is preheated, and it’s hard to imagine breaking its alloy aluminum shell.

It’s discrete enough to get a distanced solo sesh off at your favorite park and light enough to take with you on a hike up a mountain or a walk down the stairs to your couch.

The G Pen Roam’s one-year warranty gives you 365 days to find new and exciting places you can enjoy concentrates, making the possibilities endless.


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