Let’s be honest, most of the stuff out there for marijuana users is not cute. Once you dig past the ads of girls in bikinis posing with bongs, most of the cannabis accessories on the market are still geared towards men. Even discounting the unavoidable phallic qualities of pipes, bongs and the like, the design of cannabis products often leaves us uninspired.

What about owning some cannabis products that you don’t want to hide? Ones you want to show off? What’s a lady who loves cannabis to do? Don’t worry, we’ve found some of the chicest products around (and some that are just darn cute!) so that you can love the grass without sacrificing the class.

Pax by Ploom Vaporizer

If you haven’t seen one of these compact little vaporizers from Ploom before, you might think your friend is showing you her latest music player. But this cleverly designed little tool is a sleek way to medicate.

Stems n’ Seeds Resin Necklace

Cannabis-themed jewelry is growing up, but it still seems to be mainly overrun with charms and pendants in that familiar leaf shape. We like that this necklace from Etsy user OzmaAutonomy doesn’t look like marijuana at first glance. It would be a great way to start a conversation or to keep people guessing.

Jonathan Adler Ganja Jar

Jonathan Adler is known for his whimsical products, and this colorful “ganja” jar is fun and practical. No more dirty baggies or plastic pill bottles; instead, store your meds in this cheeky design.

EnvironMENTALLY Friendly Throw Pillow

Wordplay? Home decor with a clean design that doesn’t scream “420”? This pillow from Etsy user WarmthCanvas could only get better if it were made from hemp fabric.

TOMS Hemp Wedges

TOMS have been all the rage for a while now, but the company that is famous for giving away a pair of shoes for every pair that’s purchased is also supporting the hemp industry with their simple, durable designs. With the expansion of their line of wedges, you can rock some hemp that’s more fashionista than “hippie chick.”


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