34 cannabis plants were planted in the flower beds of the Vermont Statehouse in Montpelier, according to local media reports. It’s unclear whether the plants were hemp or of the THC-rich variety as the plants were too immature to differentiate.

Vermont Capitol Police Chief Matthew Romei told CNN that they were not going to test the plants because they were not going to pursue a criminal case; although he said authorities “have no thoughts on why someone would plant it.”

“It’s legal to cultivate but there are limits on where you can do it, and the statehouse flower beds certainly aren’t one of those permissible sites. If there is a typical Vermont story this is probably it.” – Romei, to NBC 5

The plants were reported to police by visitors at the Statehouse on Monday. Romei told NBC Boston that the plants would be removed. Romei indicated that this isn’t the first time cannabis plants have been discovered among the Statehouse flowers.

“The beds are maintained … very well by Buildings and General Services,” Romei explained to WBRC6. “They really know how to run a flower bed. It’s an impressive display every year but I don’t think they included this in their annual rollout.”

Under the legislature-approved adult-use law, individuals 21-and-older are permitted to grow up to six cannabis plants – two mature and four immature – in their homes. That law took effect July 1, 2018.


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