Pins will always have a special place in the accessories world—they’re versatile, unique, and tend to pack a whole lot of personality into one tiny package. And if you love collecting pins as much as you love trying out new strains, then you’ll enjoy an amusing mix of the two.

Below, check out our picks of cannabis-themed pins that will spotlight your love for the herb. From “terpee” designs to dope creations, get one or buy them all and spice up your pin collection.

Sea Weed Pin by Penelope Gazin

(Courtesy of Penelope Gazin)

If you dream of sunny days on the beach with a joint in hand, then check out these seashell Sea Weed Pins by artist Penelope Gazin. Sweet and breezy, they’ll be the perfect attachment to your summer beach bag.

Price: $12

420 Cannabis Clock Pin by Phat Pins

(Courtesy of Phat Pins)

It’s 4:20 somewhere, and you can commemorate the time with this cool 420 Cannabis Clock Pin by Phat Pins.

Price: $14.99

Cynthia Pin by Headies Vegas

(Courtesy of Headies Vegas)

A throwback to the good ol’ days, this Cynthia Pin by Headies Vegas has us thinking of simpler times while indulging in our favorite herb.

Price: $10

Weed Leaf Pin by Really, Man?

(Courtesy of Really, Man?)

Subtle and silver is the perfect way to represent the cannabis leaf, especially when it looks just like this Weed Leaf Pin by Really, Man? via Witchsy.

Price: $6

Let’s Get Terpee Pins by Just Get High

(Courtesy of Just Get High)

The Let’s Get Terpee Hat Pins by Just Get High are bright and vibrant, giving your love for cannabis oils (hence the “710”) a burst of color. A little bold with a touch of sparkle, these “terpees” look good enough to eat.

Price: $14.99

Leafly Logo Pin by Leafly


Show some love for Leafly with this Leafly Logo Pin and represent your favorite strain with our Strain Tile Pins available in a variety of tile options.

Price: $4.20

Love is Dope Pin by You Had Me At High

(Courtesy of You Had Me At High)

You Had Me At High’s super sweet Valentine’s pin collection features candy hearts and this classic Love is Dope Pin. With gold enamel and a pop of red, it delivers a small yet stylish message.

Price: $10

Stay Home Club Pin by Stay Home Club

(Courtesy of Stay Home Club)

Okay, this isn’t exactly a cannabis pin, but if you’re anything like me, then you enjoy spending a night in with your favorite animals and a loaded bowl. The Stay Home Club Pin from Stay Home Club speaks to the introverted stoner.

Price: $7

Bong Armstrong Pin by Good Dope Supply Co.

Cannabis and astronomy have always had a good rapport—even Carl Sagan partook throughout his life—so of course we can’t get enough of this astronaut-themed Bong Armstrong Pin by Dope Supply Co.

Price: $9

Wokeface Tokeface Pin by Wokeface

(Courtesy of Wokeface)

This Wokeface Tokeface Pin by Wokeface is an incredibly charming design that will make a sweet addition to an otherwise pin-less backpack.

Price: $10

Honorable Mention

Everybody Gets A Dab Pin by Orfinart

(Courtesy of Orfinart)

We hate that we missed the Phat Pins sale on this fantastic Everybody Gets A Dab Pin from Orfinart. We loved it so much, we made an honorable mention just for this one pin. Only 100 were made, and they were sold out almost immediately. Maybe next time.


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