Inside The 1K Show: Miami’s Annual Cannabis and Glass Convention

Tyler Curtis for High Times Every February, the city of Miami hosts one of the...

New Mexico Just Officially Legalized Cannabis

New Mexico has officially joined the ranks of states with legal cannabis.

Cannabis Packaging Waste Is A Problem. A California Dispensary Is Addressing It

Airfield Supply Co. has partnered with CannaCraft and Resynergi to address the growing problem of waste from plastic cannabis packaging.

Rest In Peace, Peggy Noonan: Rebel, Businesswoman, Certified Cannabis Trailblazer

Peggy Noonan, founder of the Arizona-based edibles company Copia, has passed away.

Former LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Gets Prison Sentence for Faking Drug Raid

A former LA County Sheriff’s Deputy has been formally sentenced for his role in a fake drug raid.

Michigan University Offers Cannabis Chemistry Scholarship—The First In The Nation

Michigan University Offers Cannabis Chemistry Scholarship—The First In The Nation

Research Shows Chronic Pain Patients See Sustained Improvement With Cannabis Use

A recently published study found that chronic pain patients saw long-term success with medical cannabis.

Is It All In The Tea Leaves? The Hemp Tea Ruling In German Federal...

The questions raised about the hemp tea decision, however, are numerous, and nothing remains clear cut for the development of either the hemp or CBD business in Germany.

American Citizen May Face Prison Time In Dubai For Smoking Cannabis In The United...

After being treated in a hospital, an American has been detained in Dubai for testing positive for cannabinoids…even though he consumed it in the United States.

California’s Famous Humboldt County Bans Hemp Cultivation

Humboldt County, famous for being an ideal environment for cannabis farming, has banned hemp cultivation. Here’s why.

New Research Finds Marijuana Use Not Associated With Hypertension

Current or past cannabis consumption does not appear to be an independent factor in hypertension, according to newly published research.