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$1.1 billion worth of cannabis sold in Canada’s first year of legalization

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New Mexico cannabis legalization would fund medical program

New Mexico marijuana legalization would help low-income patients, police and small business. (Aneese/iStock)

Napa County Votes Unanimously To Ban All Commercial Cannabis In The Community

The decision is the culmination of a failed negotiation process between cannabis advocates and the area’s world famous wine industry.

A Year After Canada Legalizes Weed, People Are Still Buying Unregulated Cannabis

It has been one year since Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use, but it is the country’s unregulated weed market that’s still thriving.

Man’s 15-Year Sentence For Cocaine Dropped After Lab Finds It Was Powdered Milk

After a grossly inaccurate drug field test, a homeless man ended up wrongfully incarcerated for weeks.

Taxes From Legal Pot Could Subsidize Weed For Low-Income Patients In New Mexico

A new proposal would use taxes from medical cannabis sales to help people buy weed and fund the police.

County sued for denying medical cannabis to probationers

One county judge in Pennsylvania has instituted his own policy that contradicts state law. (HighGradeRoots/iStock)

Opinion: Why Massachusetts’ vaping ban won’t stop lung illnesses

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