Inside The 1K Show: Miami’s Annual Cannabis and Glass Convention

Tyler Curtis for High Times Every February, the city of Miami hosts one of the...

Trump’s Final Clemency: Among Usual Suspects, Pot Prisoners

On Trump’s final day of being President of the United States, he granted clemency to a handful of people serving absurd sentences for cannabis offenses.

Idaho Senator Pushes Back on Legalization with Proposed Psychoactive Drug Ban

Senator C. Scott Grow is seeking to amend the state’s constitution to prevent cannabis reform.

Cannabis Use Associated with Less Alcohol Consumption Among Those Seeking Treatment

A newly published study supports the idea that cannabis may help some people in their goal of alcohol cessation.

Study Finds No Evidence Cannabis Legalization Increases Cannabis Use By Teens

Researchers find that cannabis legalization does not increase teen pot smoking.

Research Indicates CBD Does Not Impair Driving Ability

A study found that CBD does not impact one’s driving abilities.

House Of Representatives Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana With The MORE Act

The MORE Act has officially cleared the House of Representatives!

Alex Grey

The leading visionary artist shares his thoughts on the Cannabis Cup in a 2007 interview.

Abbie Hoffman On Cocaine

The American social activist’s open letter from prison.

Top 10 Myths About Aleister Crowley

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