Inside The 1K Show: Miami’s Annual Cannabis and Glass Convention

Tyler Curtis for High Times Every February, the city of Miami hosts one of the...

GOP Shows Support For Legalizing Medical Cannabis In Wisconsin

Rep. Mary Felzkowski and Sen. Kathy Bernier’s bill to legalize medical cannabis would ban flower and bar people with drug-related convictions from registering as caregivers.

Brothers In Hemp-Weed Mixup Consider Suing New York City And The Police Department

The NYPD bragged about a big marijuana bust on social media, except they really just stole a legal shipment of hemp. Now, they could be sued.

State’s Attorney for Illinois’ Cook County Files Over 1,000 Cannabis Expungements

Kim Foxx, the top prosecutor in Illinois’ biggest county, has just filed motions to expunge a sizable number of low-level marijuana convictions.

Peru Effectively Launches Its Medical Marijuana Program

The new guidelines, however, are not without criticism.

MLB To Remove Cannabis From List Of Abused Drugs, Will Test For Opioids And...

Five months after baseball player Tyler Skaggs died of an opioid overdose, Major League Baseball is changing its rules about drugs.

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

Looking for some old-fashioned methods? We got you.

What is Marijuana Shake?

You’ve heard the term “shake”… but do you actually know what it is?

What Do I Do With Weed Trim?

Weed trim is a common term used to describe the excess parts a cultivator must trim from their...

Michigan’s Cannabis Businesses Make $1.63 Million In First Week Of Recreational Sales

Judging by the first week of legal recreational cannabis, Michigan’s market is sure to keep booming.

Florida Department of Health Challenges Medical Cannabis Ruling

What does it mean to be a medical marijuana operator? In Florida, that question is being taken up by the state Supreme Court.